How to Create a Blue Contemporary Bedroom with Funky Artwork

I just love a little bold funkiness in my home decor. No, I don't mean the smell in your garage. I mean those accent pieces that just kind of make your face contort like you're listening to a jazz album that is just funkalicious. That's what I wanted in this room and when I found the gold table lamp that you'll see in the post I knew the room was complete.

This modern bedroom is a celebration of blue, grey and gold. It has a coastal-feeling set in a modern setting....and it was a complete joy to design.

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How to Create a Funky Feminine Home Office with Abstract Artwork

I'm a quirky girl. I kind of beat to my own drum. When I don't I feel off.

I think most people are like this actually they just haven't embraced the inner quirk. If you haven't it is simply a one step at a time process. A home office is a really good place to start. After all this is 'your space.' Your place to grow your business or division..and do things your way.

So have a look below and see if this home office design appeals to you. If it kind of makes your heart go 'oh yeah' and you feel a sense of relief then this is probably the hone office design for you. 

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How to Create a Fabulous Modern Loft Living Room with Oversized Artwork

Loft apartments are fabulous. They have wonderful architectural accents from high ceilings to concrete walls to exposed beams to tall old windows. They celebrate their former industrial characteristics and they celebrate the scale of the space. 

As a result they can also be really hard to decorate. One of the common mistakes I see in all homes is that people buy artwork that is too small for their space....they are often scared that the artwork will outshine the room if it is too big. However, in loft spaces people often feel overwhelmed by just how much wall and floor space there is to decorate in a loft living room or bedroom. Their instincts make them shy away from large pieces...and so people are left super confused. 

Well, I'm here to help....because no one should have to feel this way. Loft are awesome! 

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How to Create a Simple yet Elegant Colorful Entryway

I don't know about you, but I love coming home to an entryway with style! It says to me "welcome home, you awesome stylish woman! You're the bomb!" Seriously, I really do think that our decor speaks to us. 

I had a lot of fun picking out the colorful artwork and simple decor accents for this elegant hallway or entryway. Every item has a special little bit of style in it. 

So if you need some style in your entryway or hallway keep on scrolling. Maybe you'll be inspired.

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How to Create a Contemporary Bedroom with Colorful Artwork

I have a soft spot for contemporary bedrooms. I like the straight lines. They somehow feel clean to me. But I don't like sterile know what I mean...the kind of contemporary design that feels like an alien ship landed and you feel like an experiment is going to be performed on you any minute!

The contemporary I like has color, lots of's just presented in a simple form that is easy for the eye to take in. It leaves you feeling calmer, yet stylishly refreshed.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, keep on reading....this post might just be for you.

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How to Create a Colorful Loft Living Room with Vibrant Artwork

I love loft apartments...I love the fact the majority of them are converted old factories. As a result they have this wonderful old well-used feeling that just gives you a sense of history when you walk in. They also have wonderful high ceilings, exposed beams, and wide open floor plans. 

However, the problem is that a lot of people who buy lofts feel overwhelmed with how to decorate them (some of my family members included)....after all the walls are so big and all of the wide open space can be intimidating...much like a blank canvas is to an artist. 

As a result, a lot of loft spaces get decorated with minimal furniture and become a celebration of the architecture instead of the person living in it. Well, if you're in this predicament, I'm here to help!

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How to Make your Home Unique with Modern Wall Sculptures

I believe that everyone's home should feel and look like the person that lives there. It's so much better to open the door filled with objects, furniture, and pictures that align with your makes being home just feel effortless.

One personality quirk I have that I know I share with a lot of people is that I want my house to feel completely unique. I want it to be undeniable that when you walk into my house that I live there. One of the ways that I do this is by collecting and making artwork and hanging it around my house. Artwork is inherently unique and artwork that is something other than a painting (which is everyone else's go-to) is even more unique artwork go-to is modern wall sculpture.

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How to Create a Modern Rustic Bedroom with Beautiful Artwork

Even though I have a contemporary flare I still can't escape my North Carolina roots. I love a little rustic thrown into the mix. Somehow it adds a sense of homeyness to a room, don't you think?

Too much rustic can feel dated and stagnant though so I only select modern furniture and artwork with a 'feel' of rustic but designed to be modern. This way the space absorbs the rustic homeyness while also feeling refreshing.

If you love beautiful modern rustic furniture and artwork...and you'd love to bring this look to your bedroom then this post is for you!

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How to Create a Blue Living Room with Modern Artwork

Blue is my favorite color. Probably because it is the most calming of all the colors. I have such a monkey mind that several times a day I make sure that I stare at something calming and that something usually is blue. 

So if you have a stressful job or a loud boisterous family (and you're the quiet one) you might consider adding a little blue to your modern living room. The below post should give you a bunch of ideas. 

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How to Create a Fabulous Living Room with Colorful Artwork

Do you live in a small apartment? And you love color especially pastels? Well this post might just be for you. It showcases a complete room design for a funky little fabulous modern living room. 

When I was in my early 20s living in New York in a super narrow long apartment, the items in this room would have been amazing! The furniture is small yet super comfortable. I can just picture my younger self after a long day running between the three floors of the New Yorker magazine and coming home to these wonderful feminine colors. I would have felt truly like myself. 

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How to Create a Colorful Contemporary Living Room with Bold Artwork

I love funky artsy living rooms. I feel so playful and creative when I'm in them. If you do too, then this post is for you.

I went extra bold, artsy, and colorful in the design of this contemporary living room. I took one of my few neutral framed prints and decided to see if I could make it compliment a bold room. The result is a contemporary living room with bold yellows, turquoise artwork, and super textured accents.

If this contemporary living room really speaks to you and you think that this furniture and artwork ensemble would look great in your home, you're in luck

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How to Create a Glamorous Modern Bedroom with Cheerful Artwork

Everyone needs a little glamor in their lives...or rather let me rephrase...everyone deserves a little glamor in their lives. For some that's a really nice ring or earrings...for others it's a nice car...for for people like me it's a gorgeous home that you absolutely love being in. 

So for those of you like me...this post is for you. In it I have designed a complete room design for a glamorous, cheerful and colorful modern bedroom...with some feminine flare.

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How to Create an Inspiring Home Office with Colorful Artwork

More and more people are working from home....if it be as a telecommuter, entrepreneur, or a day here and there. The internet has done wonders for adding flexibility to our lives. As a result, the home office is becoming a staple in most people's homes including my own.

As I've said many times, what we surround ourselves with be it people, objects or thoughts profoundly affect the course of our life and work. That's why I believe that we have to make our home offices places that we enjoy being....not so that we work harder, but so that we work with more positivity and as a result efficiency. It also helps to just make our day better....and who doesn't want to have better days? I do.

For this reason, I've designed the below modern home office. I designed it to be colorful and inspiring....and to be bring joy to my fellow home office workers.

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How to Create a Coastal Living Room with Colorful Artwork

I like the rooms in my house to be interesting....I like them to be different and to really say something about my life. For example, I love to put the various statues and masks that I've bought on my world travels to remind me of my adventures. However, our whole houses can't be filled with completely unique items. So in my opinion the best way around this is to simply pick out furniture and artwork that speaks to you...draws you in and makes you go wow.

However, most of us have full lives. Jobs, families, and hobbies that don't allow us to prioritize home decor. So I've designed the below colorful coastal-inspired modern living room are as inspirational ensemble....and the best part about it is that if you like the whole room or even aspects of it, you can simply click the images and order. Everything this available for purchase.

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How to Create a Textured Modern Living Room with Bright Artwork

Do you want to walk into your living room and be totally inspired? I know I do! That's why I designed the below room. This room is for you busy women and men who don't want to come home to a boring neutral home but instead want a funky, colorful, bright and bold living room that reflects how bright, bold, and funky you are! 

I love this's one of my favorites so far. Enjoy!

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How to Create a Modern Dining Room with Brilliant Blue Artwork

I recently had an epiphany. I realized that I wasn't being as much of myself in my posts as I should be. I was holding back! 

I wasn't reflecting how truly bold and artsy I really am and this post is a way to rectify that situation.

This post is a complete room design made up of brilliant blue artwork and bold modern furniture....and I designed it for busy people who love style but don't have enough time to style their own living rooms. 

I hope it inspires. 

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How to Create a Glamorous Home Office with Feminine Artwork

Who doesn't want to feel glamorous when you're working? I do! I remember when I was in my early twenties living in London and New York and I loved the feeling of going to work and feeling like I was doing something bigger than myself. 

In New York I worked at Conde Nast (home of Vogue) and used to meet all kinds of crazy glamorous and interesting people ...well, more often it was people who knew people...but you get the picture. It was more than a little glitzy.

Almost twenty years later I don't crave the endless hours, the fake smiles, or the trying to be someone that I'm not...but what I do miss is the glam. The stylish office chairs, the view, and the refinement....and I don't see any reason why me or any other of the awesome ladybosses that I know should have a home office that reflects anything less than their inner awesomeness. 

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How to Create a Vibrant Living Room with Colorful Artwork

Are you into big bold artwork? Are you looking for decorating ideas for your living room and want to have some bold elements? If so you're in the right place! 

I have completely designed the below room from artwork to sofa to curtains to balance the calmness of neutral with bold elements to create an inspiring and livable modern living room.

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