Modern Ceramic Sculpture as a Conversation Starter

The other day I was thinking about why people buy modern ceramic sculpture and then a fellow artists and friend walked into my studio so I brought up the topic. We immediately agreed, yes, people buy modern ceramic sculpture because it’s beautiful and/or in some way that specific piece of fine art speaks to their soul, even if they’re not able to verbalize it. 

Then she brought up Hugh MacLoed’s work on social objects….and I was like…what is that? She said ‘Social objects are objects that start conversations and bring people together.’ She said your organic ceramic sculpture or modern ceramic table lamps are a perfect example of this…

Fine Art as a Social Object

When you walk into a room in someone’s home, people often comment on how beautiful the room is, how beautiful the view is especially if you live here in Asheville, or they focus on a specific object in the room and either tell you that they think its beautiful and/or they as you about it…that’s why people like paintings or organic ceramic sculpture that has a story to go with it. People like to feel like they’re bringing, not only a beautiful inspiring work of art into their homes, but also a good story.

Social Objects in my Own Home

This, I can certainly identify with. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I have a large collection of art from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. I LOVE it when people ask me about the art or strange objects hanging from my walls. I have to admit…sometimes I even get a bit disappointed when people don’t. And that is because I want to share the stories of my adventures and travels…in my head I’m thinking oh please ask me about the two red and gold icons above my tv so I can tell you all about my trips to Veliko Tarnovo.  Veliko Tarnovo is this gorgeous city built on a cliff with a medieval castle, which I often visited while I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria. I bought the icons while I was there on this great relaxing weekend with my friend Wendy…who I later visit in Alaska….see… I even want to tell you all about it!

Starting Conversations Around Organic Ceramic Sculpture

Having social objects in your home are especially appealing when you are entertaining especially when they’re people you don’t necessarily know that well. Instead of having to go through the laundry list of everyday questions like ‘What do you do for fun?’ ‘Have you been to any good restaurants lately?’, you can instead use your organic ceramic sculpture (or painting or modern ceramic table lamps) as a conversation starter to lead into what hopefully will be a much more interesting conversation than you would have otherwise had. In my own home,  it is my modern ceramic table lamps …those who don’t know me well Always ask me about them..

I’m fascinated by this concept now and definitely plan to delve into it more deeply. In the mean time, I invite you to think about what the social objects are in your home?