Asheville is a Modern Fine Art Destination

I moved to Asheville with the desire to make well-crafted high-end designer table lamps three years ago. At the time, I knew that handmade ceramics lamps were, of course, produced by many ceramic artists, but what I did not realize that most of them were more rustic in style. As I set about the task of designing my first ceramic table lamp collection, what came out of my head was distinctly modern and organic in style. In the years since, my style has become decidedly modern, multi-colored, and organic and I have expanded my work to include modern ceramic sculpture and wall sculpture.

Because of this I thought that I had become a bit of a novelty in Asheville – home of mountain-inspired fine craft art…but then I took a closer look.

The Growth of Modern Fine Art in Asheville

Asheville is becoming more and more stylistically modern. We have Jonas Gerard Riverview Station Fine Art, of course, which I am strategically located next to in the River Arts District, but I am finding that more and more modern artists are establishing themselves in Asheville and this is making me gleefully happy.

Besides myself, some modern artists of note in the Asheville’s River Arts District include:

·      William Henry Price

·      Julia Fosson

·      Reiko Miyagi

·      John Almaguer

·      Denise Carbonell 

·      Mark Bettis

Come Discover Modern Fine Art in Asheville

So I invite those of you who like modern fine art to come visit Asheville – we have quite the collection of modern artists. On top of that, Asheville also has the most high quality micro- and not so microbreweries in the country, gorgeous views, and top quality restaurants!