Giving Modern Ceramic Sculpture as a Christmas Gift!

The holidays are upon us! What a wonderful, colorful, and sometimes stressful time of the year. I’m a planner so I’ve already begun thinking about what each of my family members are getting.

Over the last several months I have designed several small and medium sculptures with Christmas in mind. What better gift to give than fine art! It’s personal, completely unique, and can be a conversation starter for many years to come.

If you’re thinking along these lines, here are some ideas:

Give the Gift of Small Modern Ceramic Sculpture

A great gift for under the tree, a small modern ceramic sculpture can easily be enveloped in white tissue paper in a box with a ribbon under the tree.

What better gift than a personalized addition to your friend’s or family member’shome. They could place the small modern organic sculpture on their entranceway table, on their fireplace mantel or strategically on bookshelves next to their favorite old books and pictures of loved ones.

Give the Gift of Small Modern Wall Sculpture

Also, a great gift for under the tree, a small modern wall sculpture  for someone who has recently moved into a new house and needs color on their walls.

Modern wall sculptures add texture to otherwise plain walls, and bring new points of interest, while at the same time complimenting the natural materials already in a home. Help them liven up their wall by adding a pair of wall sculptures to either side of a beloved painting, replace old framed prints with large organic wall art to give their walls a fresh look, or place two small modern wall art pieces together to create a conversation piece.

I am really looking forward to Christmas!

I hope you are too! I love finding those special presents that I know will compliment my friends and family’s own personalities. Let me help do the same for you….

Learn More About my Modern Sculpture

To see more of my modern ceramic sculpture, visit my online sculpture gallery or my online wall sculpture gallery.

If you might also be interested in something two dimensional for your walls, check out my abstract canvas prints or framed prints.

Let me know if you need any suggestions...I am happy to help!