The Appeal of Organic Ceramic Sculpture and Organic Wall Artwork

In Asheville, which is right on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains, we have a bit of a preoccupation with nature and we like our homes to reflect this. Many people in Asheville decorate their house primarily with organic fine art and sculpture. Organic art seems to be a great accent to the breathtaking views and dramatic landscape that we see everyday here.

What Inspires me to Create Modern Organic Art?

I know that the landscape and plant-life here has certainly inspired me. I find that the more time I spend in Asheville my modern organic ceramic sculpture becomes more and more exaggerated and more ‘alive.’

When hiking with my dog, I often inspect unusual plants and trees such as branches growing in strange shapes, moss with very defined texture, or succulents planted in a bed of rocks to see how they’re formed and what exactly makes each different and interesting.

I then bring this inspiration back to my studio and go crazy with new designs. My nature walks inspire me to be dramatic just like nature and this in turn inspires me to decorate my house with organic sculpture and other forms of organic artwork.

What Exactly is Organic Art?

Organic Ceramic Sculpture Vase by Maggie Minor Designs

You might be asking yourself, what is organic art? Well…I looked it up. According to, organic can mean one of a few things including:

·      characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms

Some people define organic art by the materials that the artist uses; for example, if they use materials such as tree branches, natural inks, or paper made only of natural fibers. Matt Tommey, a local Asheville artist does a fantastic job of this. He weaves his basket sculptures using natural fibers such as kutzu and willow. However, I believe that using the natural world as inspiration is also a qualifier. What’s important in my opinion is that organic art is reminiscent of nature – it should bring the viewer’s state of mind to a moment spent in nature and bring about the emotions associated with nature such as calmness, wholeness, and peacefulness.

Why Modern Organic Sculpture for your Home?

Organic art takes what’s outside and makes it accessible within a home. A successful modern organic artist can take what they’ve seen in nature and turn it into a piece of fine art that takes the viewer beyond nature and into an inspired state of mind.

The modern interpretation of organic art is an important distinction to point out. As where organic art can include all traditions many of which can look dated and can be reminiscent of your grandmother’s storage closet, modern organic art uses clean lines taking away the cluttered feeling found in older styles and brings a fresh feeling to your home.

Cozying up a Room with Organic Artwork

Bringing sculpture into your home, can transform a room that seems very angular and plain into more calming space. For example, one way that I’ve successfully softened and cozied-up my own living room is by adding organic sculpture table lamps and then accented them with a similar organic ceramic sculpture on the accent table behind my sofa. With the room’s large windows that overlook the woods, the organic table lamps and organic ceramic sculpture balance the scene outside preventing the separation between outside and inside from being too stark of a contrast.

Even just one piece of modern organic sculpture or organic wall art can make a huge difference. I’ve seen rooms completely transformed by a single painting with fluid strokes or a organic ceramic sculpture used as a centerpiece on a simple wooden table.

Interested in Bringing Modern Organic Sculpture or Modern Organic Wall Art into your Home?

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