Introducing my New Modern Wall Sculpture Collections…

Ever since I began building modern ceramic sculpture, I have loved creating sculpture specifically to be hung on walls. To me, there’s something fabulous about having something with both texture and color hanging on my walls…it really brings a unique and cozy feeling to a room.

New Modern Wall Sculpture Collection Sizes

With this in mind, I have begun designing several ceramic wall sculpture collections. Each collection will consist of three sizes: 

  • Small modern wall sculptures, best showcased in pairs. These look great hung over a desk or on a wall in between two doors;
  • Medium ceramic wall sculptures, which look great hung over a side table or with several lining a hallway;
  • Large ceramic wall sculpture, which I am in the middle of designing. I plan to make these in sections so that they can be hung in cohesive pieces. Their design will thus be flexible so that they can be hung to suit multiple interiors.

The first has focused on earth tones including creams, golds, and browns. They would be ideal for any modern rustic home.

The next collection, which should be ready in about two weeks, will celebrate pastel colors….

Find Updates on New Modern Wall Sculpture Collections...

I invite you to come by my studio at Riverview Station in Asheville’s River Arts District and see my new collections in person….or visit earmark my the modern wall sculpture page on my website to check for updates and new posts.