New Small-Sized Modern Wall Sculpture On It’s Way!

I’ve been very inspired lately to create a wide selection of modern wall sculpture from micro-sized to large. I have always loved wall sculpture. In fact, I can remember when I first started taking ceramic classes and started looking around to see what other artists were making and the modern wall sculptures were by far some of my favorites. 

My First Experiments with Modern Ceramic Wall Art

At the time, I started making little impromptu wall sculptures to kind of see what the possibilities were. I made two kinds:

Using my Modern Ceramic Wall Sculpture as a Color Palette

The first wall sculptures I made were plain wall tiles with layers and layers of complimentary glazes. After several rounds of making these, I started to call them glaze paintings. I still have my favorite and have had it hanging in my home or gallery ever since.

In fact, these glaze paintings are what inspired my glazing technique and are the foundation for the spectrum of vibrant colors that you find today in my modern ceramic sculpture and what you will find in my future modern wall sculpture collection.

The Organic Wall Art Movement

While exploring what other artists where working on, I discovered the organic art movement and a whole world of possibilities in organic wall art – this genre consists of wall sculptures with carved flowers, sea creatures, and other nature-inspired carvings. My understanding is that this organic wall art movement started in the UK and has steadily expanded.

So…I began exploring this genre with a series of wall sculptures with carved out beige oyster shells. The largest of which I loved but ended up being too heavy for the wall. When this large organic wall art piece fell to its death after I had attempted to hang it in my studio I was so disheartened that I didn’t make organic wall art again for almost two years.

Inspiration for a New Modern Ceramic Wall Art Collection!

But….about six months ago inspiration struck again! And I created the two modern wall art pieces pictured here. When I hung them on the wall, a whole bunch of ideas popped into my head.

What will the New Modern Ceramic Wall Art Collection Look Like?

This new modern wall art collection will be a combination of the organic wall art movement in that the sculptures will have a fluid sculpted feel and will definitely have the feeling of aliveness that has become such a signature of the Maggie Minor Designs style. In addition, my new modern wall art collection will explore glaze layering like never before. I plan to roll out my new glaze combinations that span the entire color spectrum. Each modern wall sculpture size will come in many different colors allowing each collection to fit into a range of décor settings including modern décor, rustic modern décor, and cottage chic.

What Sizes will the New Modern Ceramic Wall Art Collection Come in?

Sizes will range from approximately 4’’ in diameter in both square and round shapes to 14’’ in diameter in both square and round shapes. Each modern wall sculpture can be paired with similar colors or mixed and matched depending on the look that you’re going for in your living room, bedroom, or office. 

I’ll Keep you Posted as Each Modern Ceramic Wall Sculpture is Ready!

I look forward to creating this exciting new modern wall sculpture collection and helping you fill your home or office with color! To keep posted my latest modern ceramic wall sculpture as they come out of the kiln follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook.

To see my latest modern ceramic sculpture, visit my online sculpture gallery or online wall sculpture gallery.

If you're interested in something two dimensional for your walls as well, check out my abstract canvas prints or framed prints.

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