Modern Ceramic Sculpture that is Perfect for your Shelf

I would like to introduce you to my new modern ceramic sculpture concept. I designed them specifically to be displayed on bookshelves. 

Getting Organic Ceramic Sculpture to Stand Upright

For the past year I have been displaying some of my bowl-like organic ceramic sculptures using clear stands so that you can see the detail and the wonderful way that the glazes play out when fired in a concave structure – it’s quite striking.

While looking at the giant bookcase in my living room several months ago, I got inspired. Why not make an organic ceramic sculpture that displays all of its beauty facing forward but that can stand up on its own. I made a couple of test modern ceramic sculptures but they weren’t quite right. Then finally two weeks ago when I was playing with the clay I realized how to do it just right! I hope you like it!

Placing Your New Modern Ceramic Sculpture Just Right

So my ‘just right’ batch of modern ceramic sculpture is done…now where to place it? Well…I’ve begun placing them around my own home to see where they would look best. For the most face-forwarding sculptures I would recommend placing them at eye level. I think that way you can really see all of the interior intricacies of the concave structure.

My most rustic sculpture of the batch which was glazed using layered golds has a slight upturn to the concave structure. It would look great with any modern or modern rustic décor especially a modern rustic home that has right walls and stone accents. Because of its slight upturn, this rustic sculpture could look great on a side table next to a plain lamp or on the corner of a desk. I especially love this sculpture – it has such a brilliant fluid way about it. 

See my new Organic Ceramic Sculptures for yourself!

If you’d like to see my new modern organic ceramic sculptures, please visit my gallery in Asheville (click here for directions) or to purchase now go to my online gallery and store.

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