Quotes that have Inspired my Modern Ceramic Sculpture

I love quotes. They can pick me up from the worst of moods and have helped to put me in the right mood to create some of most favorite modern fine art sculptures, modern wall sculptures, and abstract canvas artwork.

What you think you become, What you feel you attract, What you imagine you create
— Budha

This is my favorite quote. I have this quote posted above my work area in my fine art gallery. It has helped me to create some of more ambitious fine art sculptures. I feel like it almost dares me to do it.

Success is the willingness to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm
— Winston Churchill

I actually laughed when I read this because as a young artist that’s exactly what I did. One rustic sculpture would crack, another modern wall sculpture would fall to the floor and break after I hung it on the wall, and the top of a modern ceramic table lamp would come out lopsided after being fired. When you’re starting out you begin to think that nothing is ever going to come out great. And then when you finally make that modern or modern rustic sculpture that is just breathtaking you almost don’t believe it’s real. I know I didn’t!

Once you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it hard to stay around people who don’t

I think this quote is especially important for artists. So many artists never see the worth of themselves and as a result of their work and this keeps them stuck. They don’t put themselves out there, they don’t create the truly creative things in their head, and they underprice their modern fine art paintings or sculpture. Throughout the last three years, I have definitely begun to see my worth. Creating fine art sculpture, modern wall sculpture and ceramic table lamps from a lump of clay and a few boxes of glaze and then to have people be wowed by what I have created has helped me see that without worth creation isn’t possible. If I don’t value my own ideas, feelings, and thoughts, then not only do I feel bad, but I’m not able to provide the world with my take on modern fine art. It makes me think of this time when I was watching Oprah and the author of the Seat of the soul was on the show and he turned to Oprah and said something along the lines of “what if you had decided to stay in Mississippi and become a maid like your grandmother thought. The world would have missed out” It struck me so hard. We all have something to give and if we don’t see our own self worth then we’re going to accomplish what we’re supposed to. That’s why once you do understand your own worth, it’s so difficult to be with people that don’t. You make them uncomfortable and they make you feel stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset.
— Joss Whedon, Creator of Firefly

At first I didn’t know how to take this, but then I was like hell ya! And then I thought of all of the things that make me weird like the fact that I’m happy to spend hours on end by myself making modern ceramic sculpture and listening to chessy pop songs.

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