Preparing for the American Craft Council Show in Atlanta

From March 11th through the 13th, I will be showing my modern organic sculptures and modern ceramic table lamps at the American Craft Council’s show in Atlanta for the first time. Sufficed to say, I am very excited!

I’d like to this chance to give a shout out to Matt Tommey and Christine Kosiba who have been so helpful. Both have taken hours to advice me on the best approaches for setting up my booth, logistics, and presentation. Thank you!

 What will you see at the show?

Introducing my new Modern Wall Sculpture Collection

At the American Craft Council show I will be unveiling my new modern wall sculpture collection. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I have been developing my new wall sculpture collection over the past several months. Sizes will range from 4’’ in diameter to the largest modern wall sculptures I have made yet. Modern wall sculpture sets will be available with similar patterns or in a range of colors. My overall goal is to make your walls come alive with color!

Inspiration for my New Wall Sculpture Collection

The new collection has been greatly inspired by glass artists such as David Patchen and Dale Chihuly. Their brilliant use of color absolutely fascinates me…and inspires me to try to elevate my modern organic sculptures to match the current level that glass sculpture has obtained in the last several decades.

Exploring New Ideas for Modern Wall Sculpture

Over the past several months I have been exploring numerous ideas for wall sculpture. These include small wall art, which will include small ceramic wall art pieces that can be mixed and matched and arranged along your wall in interesting patterns that fit your unique wall décor needs. It also includes medium and large square wall tiles (square plates) that will come in a variety of aesthetics including modern rustic, neutral and white, and brilliantly bright. All will reflect my love of glaze layering and my celebration of texture and fluid design. I can’t wait to show you!

Glaze Paintings – a New Take on Modern Wall Art

As I’ve been exploring these new designs for my wall sculpture collection, I had the idea that I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts of taking close-up photographs of my unique layered glazes and publishing them as giclees (high quality prints on wrapped canvas) and matte prints (both framed and unframed). I am incredibly excited by this idea. The giclees and prints have an aesthetic range similar to my new wall sculpture so they include aesthetics that fit modern rustic décor, modern décor, and modern cottage décor. Although I won’t be showing any of them at the American Craft Council Show in Atlanta, I will have a book that people can flip through and see my 2016 Collection and all of the custom order options! You can also check them out right now on my online store. For custom framed prints check out my new galleries at Imagekind and Fine Art America.

Showcasing my Modern Ceramic Table Lamps

In addition, to my new wall sculptures, I will certainly be showcasing several of my modern table lamps. As some of you may already know, my unique take on modern ceramic table lamps is what I’m best know for. My modern table lamps are hand sculpted and each one is unique (even if it shares the same style with another). I believe that modern table lamps should be works of fine art in themselves and that a special hand crafted lamp can completely transform a room. I’m planning on bringing some of my coastal inspired table lamps as well as a few of my new Miami inspired table lamps. If you’d like a sneak peak feel free to check out my Modern Table Lamps page on my website. It connects to my online store and my pinterest account, which showcase all of my available modern table lamps.

Showcasing my Organic-inspired Modern Sculpture

And of course I couldn’t go to the American Craft Council Show in Atlanta without my modern organic sculpture….I’ll be bringing both large and small modern sculptures. They will include my large sculptural vases, my organic sculpture designed specifically for bookcases, and my small modern sculpture bowls that look great as accent pieces on coffee tables. I also plan on bringing some medium sized organic sculptures that have been glazed in a variety of colors including yellow, gold, white, pink, blue, turquoise, green, and many more.

Come see me at the American Craft Council Show in Atlanta

If you find yourself in Atlanta between March 11th and March 13th, I invite you to come visit the 225 artists and fine craftsman at the Cobb Galleria. Drop by and say hi..I’ll be in booth #508!

Visit my Fine Art Gallery in Asheville’s River Arts District

If you find yourself in Asheville, feel free to visit my gallery in Asheville's River Arts District. I’d love to meet you!

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