My Rustic Modern Décor Collection

I love color. All you have to do to know this is to visit my website. But that’s not to say that I don’t also love to create some fantastically textured and complex neutral pieces of modern ceramic sculpture.

I live in Asheville, North Carolina so I am surrounded by rustic décor most of the time and I have to say I love it. I’m a huge fan of roaring stone fireplaces, renovated barns, reclaimed old wood floors, and rustic lighting fixtures. Being a fan of sleek lines and color in my own work, I have found a satisfying way to integrate modern and rustic to create work that compliments modern rustic homes and décor.

What Modern Rustic Décor Meant to Me

When I think of modern rustic décor, I think of touches of stone and aged wood, but I also think of all of the modern conveniences one could wish for. 

In the past year, I have begun to explore in-depth the glaze combinations that can make a piece of sculpture look great in a modern rustic living room or bedroom. For example, I layered six neutral glazes in different combinations in different sections of this sculpture vase to create a cascade effect that resembles aged wood floors. The inside, however is cream with only a few brown accents. I have explored this layering effect in all three of my sculpture mediums. Let me show you…

Rustic Sculptures

My new rustic sculptures include two categories: decorative yet functional pieces and purely decorative pieces. The decorative yet functional pieces include large bowls and vases, both small and large. The purely decorative pieces are fluidly formed modern sculptures that are glazed using layered golds, creams, browns, and other texture styled.

Either could be used as modern rustic art in a modern mountain home. Some of the best ways that I have seen my modern rustic sculptures displayed are:

·      As an accent piece on a hallway table;

·      Displayed on a stand on a shelf; or

·      Used as a centerpiece on an old wooden table.

Modern Rustic Wall Art

My new modern rustic wall art focuses on earth tones with gold accents. In the near future I plan to expand the design of my rustic wall art to include medium sized organic-styled pieces and glaze them with browns, bronzes, golds and creams like my rustic sculptures. However, because glazes do much more interesting things when they are fired flat, what will come out the kiln will be very exciting!

Some of the best ways that I have seen them displayed in modern mountain homes is:

    Showcased in pairs over a desk or narrow table;

    Lining a hallway in a succinct formation down the hall; or

    In an entrance way as a welcome statement.

Looking for Modern Rustic Art for your Mountain Home?

If you’re interested in adding some rustic sculpture, modern rustic wall art or rustic modern table lamps for your modern mountain home, I encourage you to visit my online sculpture gallery and my online wall sculpture gallery. I am happy to answer any of your questions and I promptly ship all over the US and Europe.

If you're interested in something two dimensional for your walls, check out my abstract canvas prints or framed prints.

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