How I Gave my Living Room a Boost with Organic Art

I live in a townhouse in a quiet corner of Asheville. It backs up to trees, forests and creeks and generally, I have to say, I really enjoy living there. But I was getting a bit depressed about its interior. It backs up to trees, which is beautiful, but it makes the interior quite dark. I also rent so I can’t paint the walls…they’re kind of this boring cream…

So here’s what I did…

Rearranged my Furniture to Optimize the View

I rearranged my sofa which was originally just up against a wall and faced it towards the windows (and the tress …and the light!) so now when I’m lounging on my couch I see leafy vegetation and sometimes a squirrel. I also moved my TV to be right in between the windows and hung a couple of small keepsakes (a painting I did in college and two gold icons I bought in Bulgaria when I was in the Peace Corps) right above the TV to liven up the wall.  I also brought a leather chair down from my old office to form an ‘L’ shape. Finally I moved the cedar chest that I had been using as a coffee table to the back of the sofa so when you walk in the room from the front door or the kitchen you’re seeing the front of the chest and not the back of the sofa.

Brought in Curtains and Great Ceramic Table Lamps

The room needed some color. So I played off of the lovely red in my Bulgarian icons, buying patterned red curtains from overstock. Then brought out a patterned red and tan rug that I had in storage to put between the sofa and the windows. I also brought my 15’ x 9’ jute rug from another room covering the plain cream carpet. Together these two rugs do a great job of bringing texture to the floor and adding extra points of interest.

Finally and most importantly, I brought two of my favorite organic table lamps from my studio and placed them on either side of the sofa. They’re tall and they’re highly textured with organic shapes so they provide not only anchors for the sofa but a sense of height to the room. Their shinny whiteness also adds a nice contrast to the cream walls.

Added Personality with Modern Sculpture and Wall Sculptures

I still felt like the room needed a bit more boldness and a bit more ‘me’. So I went digging into the treasures that I’ve bought back from my world travels. What I found was perfect – three wood-carved African masks of different sizes that I haggled for hours for in a Nairobi market. They’re bold and detailed but at the same time they match the leather chair and the furniture. I then found some wall sculptures that I made while studying ceramics in Virginia. They had been an experiment in integrating sand into my multi-layered glaze technique so not only did they look bold, but they reminded me of my being bold! And every time I look at them they make me smile....and as you'll see in the photo even my faithful dog couldn't help but get into the action.

To round out the room, I brought in a modern sculpture I made about a year ago. It’s a ceramic sculpture bowl with flowers sculpted on the exterior and glazed over with the same glaze combination that I used to make the ceramic table lamps such a bright white. The inside is a multi-textured gold that is shinny in some lights and dark and brooding in others and compliments the furniture and masks.

Lastly, I hung 'star' string lights from the beam leading into my living room. I love stars and I love string lights so them together equals a happy Maggie. They added that last little touch me of me to the room.

Bringing my Love of Interior Design and Organic Art Together

I’m pleased as punch with how it turned out! Most of all I’m happy that it looks and feels like me. Using colors that I love and things that remind me of my past adventures really made a difference.

Let me know what you think…. and if you have any suggestions.

Wishing you good luck in your own interior design adventures.

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Let me know if you need any suggestions...I am happy to help!