How a Colorful Home can Make you Bolder

There’s a huge cultural shift happening right now. People are seeking a higher quality of life and are more and more repelled by a one size fits all mentality. It’s a really fascinating movement that I can proudly say that I am part of. After all I quit my well-paid international job to become a sculptor and designer. I turned around one day and realized I had a lot of great things including a great house ...and I took exciting trips to international destinations, but I wasn't happy….so I packed my bags, sold my house, and invested my savings in what really made me happy – fine art and design….and I have to say it wasn’t a smooth road to begin with but I have emerged as a much better and happier person.

Why you Should Surround yourself with Things you Love

When I was going through my transition one of the most important lessons that I learned was that – what you surround yourself with affects your emotional state. The theory behind it is rather simple…when you see something repeatedly throughout the day your subconscious brings up emotions that you associate with that object. So let's use an example... your Aunt Mildred gave you a glass bowl and you put it on the table in your front hallway. You put it there because you feel obligated to have it on display.... However, you don’t really like Aunt Mildred so every time you come into your home or leave have a negative emotional experience...because you see something that you reminds you of someone that you don’t really like and you feel the guilt associated with that object over and over again. 

If you remove the bowl (and give the it away) your hallway will all of a sudden feel like a more positive and inviting place. Try it. I swear it works. 

How Introducing More Color to my Home make me Feel more Powerful

About a year ago I decluttered my own home of everything that was broken, I didn’t really like, or that reminded me of someone that I didn’t like or had negative feelings towards. It turned out to be an incredibly emotional experience….and one that left me feeling like my home was really MY home for the first time in my life.

In addition to decluttering my home of items with negative feelings I also decluttered my home of things that reminded me of the life that I used to have (and who I used to be) and have started replacing them with items that represent where I’m going.

And here’s where the title of this post comes in….because I realized that in my old life I had surrounded myself with a lot of art that was brown and neutral, but what I really love most is bold colorful art, colorful furniture, and pleasant positive colors on my walls. And you know why? Because at heart I’m a bold confident person that goes after my dreams…. so when I surround myself with items that inspire me, I FEEL more inspired and as a result I do inspired BOLD things.

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Your Home Should Inspire you to be Bold

I truly believe that your home should inspire you to be a better bolder person too. It should be filled with things that make you happy, things that make you go wow, and things that inspire you to take the actions that will make your future full of the things and feelings that you want….and I firmly believe that color plays a large part in this. 

Easy Guide to Finding the Best Colorful Artwork for You

Color psychology has been around for a long time. There’s tons of data out there. Let’s take a look at some.

Red evokes strong emotion. It represents passion and desire;

Blue evokes calmness and serenity. It reminds us of the sky and the ocean both of which are very primal and comforting;

Pink evokes a sense of whimsy and is most often associated with all things feminine;

Green reminds us of nature and if it’s the right shade can make us feel calmer and refreshed;

Purple is an exotic color, which people tend to love or to hate. It is bold and feminine all at the same time (sufficed to say it’s one of my favorite colors); and

Yellow is cheerful. It reminds us of sunshine and uplifts our spirit.

Each color brings about a very specific set of emotions….so what if we used our understanding of this to organize our home? For example:

#34 square framed wall art

#34 square framed wall art

How our Bedrooms can Help us Reenergize

Our bedroom is where we do the last stage of winding down at night before we go to bed. It’s also where we wake up. The mood that we set in our bedroom is the mood that we start our day with….how we greet ourselves in the morning…how do you want to greet yourself?

I personally like my bedroom to be blue. It sets a feeling of calmness and positivity that makes me feel good and allows me to wind down, meditate, and recuperate from daily life. Giving myself this serene time fills me up and allows me to go out into the world as a whole person who is ready to give and create.

How our Living Rooms can Energize Us

17, 18 & 19 large rectangle canvas prints

17, 18 & 19 large rectangle canvas prints

Our Living Room is the main room of almost any home. It’s where we spend most of our free time when we’re home. It’s also where we visit with our family, watch tv and begin to unwind. Essentially it’s the heart of the home and where we want to feel most like ourselves.

This is the place where I think we should feel most inspired, the boldest, and the place where we should feel safe to take risks. I think it should be where we’re surrounded by the things that we love the most, the things that are the most special to us, and the things that makes us go wow….things like fine art...and color! What is the color that makes you feel most inspired?

#3 v2 square canvas print

#3 v2 square canvas print

How we can Feel more Ourselves in our Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home...especially for people who love to cook. It's where we prepare food that nourishes our body and our souls. It's also where a lot of family conversations take place. Like the living room, I think that the kitchen should be a somewhere that we feel 100% able to be ourselves and to take risks. Its decor and coloring should inspire boldness....and it should be a room that always makes us happy.


Bring Color to your Home and be Bolder!

In summary, color affects our mood ... so incorporate it into your home to maximize your happiness to allow you to be bolder ...and more yourself!

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