Why your Home Decor Should Make you Feel Good

When I was at the American Craft Council show, someone walked into my booth and smiled and then acted like she was going to say something… and then didn’t. So I smiled back and said, “no, what tell me” and she said, “you must be a good person,… your work feels so good.”  I have to say, her response took me aback. What a lovely thing to hear about my work!

In the last couple of weeks her response has gotten me thinking about ‘what are people looking for in their homes and their lives.’ What keeps coming into my mind is this book I read last year called The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. The premise is simple but revolutionary – people should plan their lives around what makes them feel good instead of annual personal goals. Because really, we come up with the goals because we think that they will make us feel good….but they don’t always.  For example, last year I planned a vacation to Bermuda because I thought it would make me feel good. Then interestingly enough as I began to get more into the details of planning it I just started to feel this overwhelming feeling of loneliness. It dawned on me that the idea of going to Bermuda was much more appealing than actually going so I decided to not go and hold off till I figured out what it is that I really want. 

Why my Modern Wall Art Needs Updating

I have to give this book some major kudos. It has completely transformed the way that I think about…well, most everything in my life. It’s especially useful for filtering out the “should” and the ‘because its’ expected” from my life. With this in mind, I’ve recently been revaluating the home décor choices in my townhouse and its come up very lacking. Looking around my home decor I realize that right now it isn’t making me feel very good. I have a lot of artwork from my former life as a humanitarian worker hanging around my home, which I really do like…but the problem is that its all that I have hanging on the walls…and most of it is brown. Now, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably seen my work and as you know it’s vibrant and sometimes quite colorful.  I’m not one to have my house decorated in all neutrals….unless it’s a crisp white room with lots of sunlight. I need to feel vibrancy and life when I walk through my door. I want my home to reflect the boldness of my character.

So…I’m beginning to brainstorm about I can remedy this situation. I’m in the process of trading two of my modern sculptures for a painting and a really cool wall textile. That will help my bedroom and my dining room. But I still have this giant wall which I’m beginning to think would benefit from a giclee – something calming and soothing to match how I want my living room to feel. I’ll keep you updated:)

How I Bring ‘Good Feelings’ to my Modern Sculpture

The last two month have also reaffirmed my belief that one of things that I love most about making modern sculpture and modern wall art is that I get to help people make their homes feel vibrant and more lie them – somewhere that brings them peace and inspiration. I absolutely love it when someone buys a modern sculpture and they leave with a huge smile on their face or I’m working with them on a commission and their face lights up because they see a possibility for a space in their house that they’d previously given up on. There’s something really satisfying about seeing that kind of excitement.

As a result, I strive to make work that is beautiful and that makes people feel that way. I’ve found that the key to this isn’t about analyzing what colors look best or what forms people are drawn to but rather by the emotional level when I’m working with the clay on day one. Both negative and positive emotions bring a charge to the sculpting phase of my work that makes it bold and brings out the ‘aliveness’ quality that people associate with it. As long as the clay is there to help me work through those emotions and I get that feeling of symbiosis that the clay and I are working together, something good usually results. 

How can you Make your Home Decor Feel Better

I invite you to think about what would make your home feel better? Maybe just a little decluttering? Or maybe you need some accents on your shelves that bring that extra something-something? Or some really great wall art?