Releasing your Expectations of Modern Wall Decor

When you release expectations, you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be

Like many things in life, we take awkward spaces at face value (and accept what other people say about them)…..we label them as well, awkward spaces that are impossible ...that couldn’t possibly be made interesting or beautiful.

But if you free yourself from the expectation that they’re impossible, the space can then become a place of possibilities.

The Possibilities of Modern Wall Sculpture

Since I’ve started making modern wall sculpture, I’ve noticed something really interesting. When people come into my studio their faces light up. They see these organic modern wall sculptures that make formations on walls that they’ve never seen…and then when I mention that I designed them specifically for awkward spaces, they get so excited! And they start to see possibilities.

Why I started Making Modern Wall Sculpture

I’ll admit it’s not something that I had thought a lot about in detail before I started making modern wall sculpture. Back when I lived in Washington, DC, I owned a bungalow built in 1925. I had all this wonderful wall space but much of it especially on the second floor was awkward because of all of the odd ceiling angles. I remember really struggling to find small pieces of art to liven up the walls and make it feel like a home.

So I began exploring the idea of modern wall sculpture. I made two ‘slab sculptures’ and glazed them with about six different glazes to produce an affect I can only describe as a glaze painting. I hung two of them one on top of the other in a thin wall space in my dining room and they fit perfectly! 

Why Organic-inspired Modern Wall Sculpture is Best

So of course, I started making more and they started to get more and more organic. What I found was that the more organic I made them the more they softened the awkward angles of my much so that I began to not even notice the angles and only focused on the wall sculpture. 

Ever since then I have continued to seriously play with the idea of unique wall art and how awkward wall spaces can be made interesting and beautiful with organic sculpture. I think that organic sculpture has a softness and oftentimes a calmness that can downplay the awkwardness of any space. I love doing this in my own home and having people ask me, how did you do that?

I invite you to think about what else in your life seems impossible…release your expectations of it and instead see possibilities….

To see which modern wall sculptures I currently have available, please visit my online store.

If you might also be interested in something two dimensional for your walls, check out my abstract canvas prints or framed prints.

Let me know if you need any suggestions...I am happy to help!

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