Taking it to a New Level - London REAL

Late last week, I shared a ted talk on a community board for entrepreneurs (see last post) and I got a response that I think is going to change the course of my life. She suggested that I check out a video on London REAL. All I had to do was sign up (to watch videos it's free), so I was like ok cool. I can do that.

The videos called 'episodes' are one and a half to two hour+ interviews with amazing people. I've seen three now and I am reeling from the depth of information and insights that I saw (pun not intended, but kind of clever). 

So then upon watching one of the videos, I find out that they have an Academy - a membership based group that includes a very active facebook group, talks, meetups, and 'challenges.' I, of course, joined right away. I had to, Brian Rose's moto is "follow the fear." That's my moto!

My first assignment upon signing up was to make an introductory video to the group and post it on their facebook page. Click below to check it out!

I invite those of you that are looking for a group (they call it a tribe) that is positive and action-oriented to check it out. The website is https://londonrealacademy.com/.

What are things that have inspired you to take action. I'd love to hear about them.