The Inspiration for my Orange & Gold Modern Organic Sculpture

A friend of mine suggested that I start a vlog series (old people translation - video blog:)) on what inspired some of my modern organic sculpture. I thought it was a fantastic idea so here's the first! Hope you enjoy!

What Inspired my Orange and Gold Organic Ceramic Sculpture?

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The topic of my vlog is the inspiration for these two orange and gold modern organic sculptures....


Vlog Transscription

My Orange and Gold Organic Sculpture

This is Maggie Minor. One of my friends suggested to me that I start doing a vlog series on what inspires some of my sculpture pieces and I thought it was a great idea. Welcome! This is my first one. The first one I want to talk about is this piece which is rather large and it has this orange on the inside which is made up of layering a lot of dynamic orange glazes and then the outside is a gold metallic glaze. I wanted the effect to be really dramatic, and here's why. This piece is actually inspired by another ceramic artist, which usually doesn't happen, but this one is kind of fantastic!

The Ceramic Artist that Inspired Me

Her name is Kay Lynne Sattler. She's a Hawaiian artist, and she makes these orbs that are really flowy and the inside is leaf gold and then the outside is this fabulous oxide black. I understand that her inspiration is lava. When I read that, I was like, "Oh, I've got to make a piece that looks like lava." That's what this piece is. This is my interpretation of lava and an inspiration from her work. I even made a little smaller piece to kind of go along with that. I'm really excited about where this is going to go because I like the idea of this, so I'm going to keep evolving it ... I look forward to our next vlog, that's my dog (my dog started barking in the background:)...have a good day. Bye.