How to Make your Beach House Beautiful with Oversized Artwork

Why Modern Beach Decor is Better

rectangle canvas print #30

rectangle canvas print #30

Like many of you, when I was a kid we went to the beach for a week or two pretty much every Summer. What I loved about the beach was building sandcastles, eating seafood every day, and getting to sleep in. What I didn't love was the funky (aka ugly) decor that most of the rental properties were decorated with. It was like there was some furniture store outside Myrtle Beach called 'Generic Ugly Beach House Decor' and everyone knew about it. 

Now that I'm an adult and I have choices I Just Say No to ugly beach decor and instead always opt for the Beach House rentals with modern furniture and artwork that looks clean and sleek. It just somehow feels better to come back to after a long fun-filled day at the beach. I feel like I'm coming home to a stylish modern place of inspiration rather than my Great Aunt Mildred's 1960s beach house...and I don't know about you, but I like to feel good when I come home...but especially if it's "my" my beach.

The Challenge of Decorating Beach Houses

Beaches houses often have a lot of space. After all most of them are designed to hold extended family and large gatherings. And as a result, many of them have large wall spaces and vaulted ceilings. To complicate matters, many prints are only available in sizes up to 40'' x 30''. This size looks look large in the store but once you hang it in these large spaces it appears dwarf sized and makes the room feel unbalanced. Prints are also usually framed, which looks great in a small space but makes them look confined in large spaces. 

Using Oversized Artwork to Brighten Up Large Spaces

So as a result I sought out printers that could make my abstract canvas artwork as large as 60'' x 45'' in a rectangular print and 56'' x 56'' in a square print. These sizes are able to make a statement and/or fill any large wall space. In events where the space is really large, I made sure that my collection included plenty of rectangular and square pairs or sets that could be hung together to fill any space no matter how large. In addition, they don't require frames because the image is printed around the edges of the frame.

rectangular canvas prints #17, 18, & 19

rectangular canvas prints #17, 18, & 19

Using Vibrant Colors in a Beach House is Important

rectangular canvas print #10

rectangular canvas print #10

Beach house art has to complete with magnificent views of the beach, seagulls zipping past, and the bright sun. Prints with brown tones or busy patterns can be quickly overshadowed and make the interior of your beach house feel dark and busy. 

So when I was designing my 2016 abstract print collection, I photographed glazes that I knew would look great in a modern beach house. I made sure to pick the brightest blues, yellows, and whites, and digitally enhanced them for brightness before finalizing each image. I also chose repeating patterns that would not take away from the views of the beach but would rather enhance the cheerful feeling of being at the beach.

How to Find out More

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