How to Energize your Home with Colorful Modern Wall Sculptures

I love color. I hate boring. I love to experiment. 

What do these things have in common? What influences my modern wall sculptures...

...because I think that walls should be exciting. I think that people should walk into their homes or offices and be excited to be there....and what's on your walls makes a difference. It influences what you think about subconsciously. And if the modern fine art on your walls is colorful and inspirational then subconsciously you're going to be in a happier and more inspired mood when you're in that space.

Brighten Your Walls with Modern Ceramic Wall Art

Elevating the mood in a room is why I designed the above modern ceramic wall art collection. In my studio I hung them all on the same wall and have them in a somewhat zigzag fashion going down the wall. The dark brown walls of my studio accentuate the bright colors. It makes me happy every time I walk past the display. 

I used bright colors on purpose...I wanted there to be a strong contrast between the inside of the piece and the edges and back. I wanted the colors to pop against the gold. 

As I continue to make more wall sculptures I intend to experiment with my glazes so that I have a full range of colors from every spectrum of the rainbow. I want my clients to have the opportunity to have an explosion of color on their walls (if they want) or a range of similar color tones to match the mood of their space. I am excited to explore this!

Why Large Ceramic Wall Sculptures are my Favorite

The above wall sculptures are all different sizes...from medium to relatively small. The collection that I designed earlier this year was an experiment of size. I wanted to see what looked best. I bunch of small wall sculptures all hung together on a wall, a bunch of medium sized ones, and large pieces individually or as sets. In the end I liked them all, but I found that the color was more of a draw the larger the sculptures that's the direction that I'm planning on going in my future work. In fact the large blue and gold organic wall sculpture is probably the best example of where I'm heading....but I'm planning on adding more color and texture and the gold edge if going away. I plan on making all of my future wall sculptures into a celebration of color!

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