How to Make your Entranceway Sensational with Abstract Canvas Artwork

Hallways and entranceways are special places. They are usually one of the first rooms that you see when you walk into your home or office...and my feeling is that they should make you feel welcome and happy to be there.

Everyone is different. Everyone needs a different kind  of feeling to greet them as they into their home or move from one room to the other so below I have provided images of rooms with different artwork...and tips so your hallway or entranceway can be perfect for you!

Make a Statement in your Entranceway

The entranceway above has a subtle clean feeling. It's blue walls, dark wooden table and white trim are simple and somewhat neutral...and definitely in need of a little bold artwork. But the choice with this room is... would you prefer to add a little neutral boldness or colorful boldness? The large framed coral-inspired print to the left gives the room a coastal textured feeling and its dark frame matches the table and provides a nice balance to the room.

On the other hand, the large purple and blue abstract canvas print brings a strong boldness to the room. It also provides balance to the room by matching the blue tones on the wall but its large size and the bold brown and red splash of color in its center make a strong cheerful statement.

Setting off a Hallway with Square Abstract Prints

The hallway above would be stylish in any home or office. The cute round pink chairs really bring a Bold feeling to what could otherwise be kind of a boring hallway. They're so cute that they beg to be paired with colorful fun artwork. I've provided two examples of square abstract prints, which I think are great for hallways. On the left the green and white abstract landscape print set gives length to the hallway while its tones compliment the pink chairs. The print set's coloring also balances the room by providing an earthy feel in contrast to the chair's bolder pink giving the space a warm feeling.

The bold red and pink abstract prints to the right, however, give the room a bit more flare. The medium sized prints give the room a feeling of height. Meanwhile, their color makes the hallway feel very vibrant and artsy... 

Enlivening Nooks with Small Abstract Prints

I love nooks especially in hallways. They give a home or office a cozy feeling even if the space isn't actually used that often. Just having a chair and a table in a nook isn't enough though. In order for the space to truly feel cozy it needs a little artwork. On the left a small rectangular pink with green and purple tones compliments the turquoise of the chair's pillow and even the flowers on the table. It's mix of pastel colors provides a texture to the space giving it a subtle liveliness. 

In the right image, however, the bold mix of blues, greens, and whites in the black framed prints give the space a little bit more punch. The framed print draws attention away from the chair and provides a strong counterbalance to the pink chair.

How to Find out More 

To find more tips on decorating spaces with abstract canvas prints, visit my blog post called Tips on Decorating your Home with Unique Modern Wall Art

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See the entire selection of Maggie Minor Design framed abstract wall art in a variety of sizes.

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