Contemporary Ceramic Sculptures that will Make your Shelves Look Fantastic

When I first started making sculpture I created pieces that were plays on shapes that you would normally associate with bowls. I would make the edges of the bowl-like sculptures flow upwards and outwards for a dramatic effect....and I really liked the way it looked, but it had one drawback. You had to stand over the sculpture to get the full effect....and most homes don't have the space for standalone sculpture. People want sculpture to be integrated into the spaces that they live in everyday. They want to sit on their sofa and look over and see their modern fine art looking back at them. 

So one day when I was building some contemporary sculptures I decided to experiment and turn the bowl mold to the side and see how the clay would fall. What I found was that the sculpture was a fantastic sideways facing sculpture that would be an excellent accent for a built-in bookcase or an elegant shelf. 

Experimenting with Contemporary Sculpture Shapes

As I started to build more sideways sculptures I began to experiment with the shapes. For some I really wanted to emphasis a round shape and make the colorful glaze the star of the show. While for others I wanted to make a dramatic effect with the edges (see middle sculpture), while for others I wanted to see if I could start to expand upon the inward slope of the sculpture and put little wavy pieces that would make the sculpture more intricate. What I got was a diverse range of small sculptures that each had a very distinct personality. I decided to compliment each sculpture's personality by experimenting with glazes that I used on each ... so that each would have a unique look.

The Future of my Stand Alone Contemporary Sculptures

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Building these shelf sculptures was a first step on what I think will be a long professional journey for me. I have decided to build larger more colorful shelf and stand alone fact I have some in progress right now! I'm experimenting with sizes and shapes and how best to build them so that they not only balance, but are aesthetically interesting.... even inspiring. My plan is to go as dramatic as possible in the coming years...and I'm REALLY excited about it. 

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