How to Create a Colorful Organic Inspired Living Room

Organic modern is really my favorite's not very mainstream and you don't find a reference to in the mainstream blogs. But if you google it some pretty cool stuff comes up. So I've decided to take the term and notch it up with some color...and that's exactly what I've done in this blog post. 

I really wanted to design a living room that felt soft and adding organic touches is one of the best ways to do that. I also wanted it to be modern and somewhat sleek without the cold feeling that modern furniture sometimes gives. I also wanted to integrate some of the practical feng shui principles that I've recently learned...those kind of tips where you tilt your head and go, "oh that makes sense!"

One of the biggest ones was about the edges of furniture. Right angles and perfectly straight lines are modern when we're in a room with too many corners and straight lines we feel uncomfortable. According to the basic principles of feng shui, our primal brain is sending out little danger messages to our system...because our most basic instinct is to be safe and corners especially sharp ones can hurt us. As I type this I'm looking at a glass top table's pointed edges and noticing a very subtle nervousness feeling in my body. It's really interesting.

So I designed this room to be the opposite. I wanted it to feel safe and soft and inviting.  So scroll down and check out the room. If you like the way it feels and want to learn more, simply click on the images. Everything is available for purchase.

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Colorful Modern Organic Inspired Living Room


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Thoughts behind this Colorful Modern Organic Inspired Living Room

  1. The Artwork - I started with artwork....because nothing has more influence over how a room feels (besides the room's architecture) then what you hang on the walls. I wanted something colorful and super organic so I chose this purple, blue, green, and white canvas print. Not only does it feel soft because of the way that colors blend into one another but it has a feminine vibrancy to it that I just love. To figure out which size would look best in your living room download my eguide - How to Choose the Right Sized Art for your Space. I recommend hanging it either above the sofa or on a large wall so it can be enjoyed from the sofa.
  2. The Sofa - Next I choose this beautifully designed Jonathan Adler white sofa that has a sleek feeling but also makes you feel like you could just plop down on it when you get home from a long day.
  3. The Side Table - To ensure the modern organic theme of the room I chose this simple round wooden side table with a wide opening for books or sculpture. I like it's simplicity. It brings a calmness to the room.
  4. The Coffee Table - To continue this theme I then found this round coffee table made from light distressed wood. I recommend ordering two of them and placing them kind of catty corner in front of the sofa.
  5. The Table Lamps - I then found this gorgeous clear glass table lamp with little curvy accents on the base. These little accents are what give the table lamps their character...and their feminine flare.
  6. The Accent Chairs - Next I wanted to add some accents chairs which brought out the wonderful colors in the canvas print. The first I found was this wonderful lavender / purple accent chair. I love its simple lines and the color is just delicious. Then to bring out the darker colors in the print I chose a navy accent chair with arms. I like their different styles...they compliment each other but are so different that they add character to the room. I recommend placing them on either side of the sofa facing the coffee table.
  7. The Wall Sculpture - I love hanging wall sculpture behind accent for this room I chose one of my wall sculptures that has tons of texture but won't compete with the print. It's beige and inlaid with glass so it complements the glass table lamp perfectly.
  8. The Rug - Lastly, I found this beautiful blue rug that brings added dimension the room without overpowering it. It brings a warmth to the floor of the room and makes you want to walk into the room and just curl up.

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