How to Create an Inspiring Grey & Blue Modern Home Office

I firmly believe in setting yourself up for success...with systems, positive people, positive habits and positive surroundings. In business this can be particularly important especially when you're an entrepreneur working from home. Sometimes it is hard to switch from the being at home mode to the being at work mode. So having a designated home office that inspires and feels professional makes a big difference. 

I also believe that surrounding ourselves with artwork and colors that inspire us while we work makes a big difference. For me at least walking into an office with good artwork makes me much more comfortable. It makes the space more human...more tangible...and I think that that is especially important in this day and age where so much of our business is done over skype and email. We're craving things that feel more natural and more calming and I think that our surroundings can serve as the foundation for that.

So with this in mind I designed this home office (and many more) that has a modern organic twist. I used soothing blues and whites but brought in some zing with orange accents. If what you see really speaks to you...everything is available for purchase. Just click the images.

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Inspiring Grey & Blue Modern Home Office


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Thoughts behind this Inspiring Grey & Blue Modern Home Office

The Desk - For this home office I started with the desk. I recently had a fascinating conversation with a decluttering expert. During our discussion I realized how our culture tends to point women in the direction of small desks that are on the verge of being non-functional. I think this thought pattern has some serious connection to our cultural past when women's contribution was disregarded or down-sized (just like our desks). So for this home office I chose an expansive long grey and chrome desk with drawers and plenty of room to work and spread out papers filled with plans to fulfill your business' vision. You'll need a full sized room to put it in....but having a full sized room and not a small cramped space will just add to your subconscious's belief that your business is important and will expand!

The Artwork - I chose one of my favorite canvas prints from my 2018 collection for this office. It has a definite modern organic feel. It is soothing and feel clean but has enough color that it inspires. I recommend choosing a large size for your office and really making a statement. To figure out what size would work best in your large home office download one of my free eguides.

The Swivel Chair - I wanted a chair with enough substance to match the when I found this upholstered square backed I knew I had found the one. I chose the blue one to match the artwork and to bring a splash of calming color to the room.

How to Create an Inspiring Grey & Blue Modern Home Office

The Desk Lamp - To add just a touch more blue to the room and make it a bit more cozy. There's something special about lamp light especially when you're having to work late. At least to me it makes a room feel safe. 

The Accent Chair - Even if you don't have any visitors to your office besides family members I still think it's important to have a guest chair. If you've never tried this before I recommend giving it a try if even with a kitchen chair for a few days and see how it feels. For me, it subconsciously makes me think more about guests and the connection that I have with my colleagues even if I only talk to them on skype. As an added bonus it also balances the room. For this room I chose a lovely white upholstered accent chair with arms.

The Rug - Given the prominent white and grey coloring in the room I wanted to add an earthy tone to ground the I found this natural fiber sisal weave (a sustainable material). It also adds a nice texture that feels wonderful on bare feet (give it a try and see if you like it!)

The Ottoman - I wanted to add a little zing to the home office so I found this fun reddish orange round ottoman that matches the red accents in the canvas print. I like it not only because it adds a softness to the room but it's also great for putting up your feet when you're reading or you need a break.

The Shelf - In case you need some shelving for your books I included this small shelf that can fit nicely in the corner.

The Wall Art - To add more inspiration and color to the room and to tie together the canvas print and ottoman together...because colors are always best in threes...I chose this long orange and white organic modern wall sculpture. It would look great on a wall that's about three to four feet if you have a thin wall in your office then this wall sculpture might just be the trick!

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this office ensemble to your home or office!


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