How to Set up your Home as a Powerful Vision Board

Several months ago I was watching a youtube video with Marie Diamond, who was the feng shui expert in the Secret, and she said something that really struck me. She said that our homes are three dimensional vision boards. I remember actually pausing the video and going yeah, she's right! After all everything that we look at in our homes seeps into our subconscious and affects us throughout our both negative and positive ways.

Vision boards are where we visually represent our goals and greatest desires so that we can subconsciously absorb them and more easily visualize ourselves in these situations....thus making them more likely to happen. So it makes perfect sense that if we blow out the concept of our vision boards to include the rooms our house where we spend the most time then our subconscious will be even more flooded with positive images that will help to align us with what we want.

So What's a Vision Board?

Vision Boards allow you to take all of the ideas of what you want and put them in one central place...and try them out....see how they feel...and really embrace those that you do. For those of you not familiar with vision boards I found this wonderful video by Jack Canfield. He takes you step by step through the process. Even if you do know what a vision board is I still recommend that you watch. He really gets to heart of 'why' vision boards work and how you can really maximize their impact.


So when I first thought about my home as a three dimensional vision board I got a bit overwhelmed. Because really...that's a lot of stuff to go through...and a lot of stuff to align with my goals.....and then what if my goals change!

Then it dawned on me that although the ultimate goal is to have your whole house aligned with how you want to feel and what you just doesn't work that way. We have to break apart big projects like transforming our houses into smaller projects or nothing would ever get done.

So where to start?

If you haven't already I would build out a traditional vision board and live with it for a few weeks. Like Jack mentions look at your vision board and really visualize yourself accomplishing, living in, or experiencing what you see. As you do this a few things on the board will really start to resonate with you...and start to feel like you already have them in your life. It's these few things that I want you to focus on.

Maggie MinorComment