How to Sleep More Peacefully with Organic Bedding

I'm a sensitive person. If you read my memoir you'll remember that I actually open up the book talking about how much it has affected my life. It's always been difficult for me to buy clothes because I find polyester, boiled wool, and most blends to feel really unnatural on my skin. So whenever possible I buy 100% cotton...and this includes my bedding...well, especially my bedding.

And as the social media and podcasts are opening up channels between people that would never have met otherwise I'm finding that I'm not alone. 

In addition, I truly believe that the unnatural materials in our environments are causing us harm in subtle and not so subtle ways. If you've ever seen the documentary Hidden Killers of the Edwardian Home you'll understand. I remember watching it and feeling horrified that these people were surrounding themselves with all these toxins without knowing it. It made me realize that we really haven't changed all that much in the last 100 years. I'm not saying this to scare anyone. I do believe that things have gotten much much much better....but I think that with progress we just haven't quite learned how to sync back with our environment...and it is affecting our health.

That's why I'm a big supporter of organic and sustainable products ...especially those everyday items that we touch and that our children and pets lick when we're not looking. So I've been investigating products that will help us all sleep with more peace of mind. 

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The Search for Organic Bedding

Finding a Great Organic Mattress

While investigating this topic I came across a company called My Green Mattress that specializes in mattresses made from 100% natural materials. It was actually quite interesting. They use wool to make the mattresses flame retardant. It turns out that this layering of wool in their jackets is how firefighters used to keep from getting burned.  

They also use 100% GOLS organic latex sourced from sustainable rubber farms in Sri Lanka and responsibly sourced organic cotton.

Now I haven't tried one out myself but when I buy my next bed I'm seriously considering buying one of these. I really like the idea of buying a mattress that doesn't smell like chemicals when I take it out of its plastic wrapping.

Finding Organic Cotton Bedding

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 11.08.50 AM.png Cotton & Care" target="_blank" class="image-overlay">

I also came across a company called Cotton and Care. They made only two things - sheets and pillow cases. They are chemical-free, made in the United States with a traceable supply chain originating in California's Central Valley. In addition, their sheets are made from Supima® which accounts for only 1% of the cotton produced in the world, "making it rare and highly prized around the world. It’s brighter and stronger than other cottons, and will only get softer with each wash."

Finding Sustainable Furniture

To compliment the eco-friendly sheets and mattress above I designed an eco-friendly bedroom with a peaceful design. Now I must say it's more difficult to design an eco friendly bedroom with style than I thought. Finding eco friendly solid wood and rug products isn't that difficult but finding stylish upholstered and metal furniture can be a bit more of a bare with me as I explore this world more and more....

Every item below is available for purchase....simply click the images.

  1. The Bed - I loved this bed even before I knew that it was from the fast-growing high sustainable Mango tree. I love the chevron design and the light wood stain. And then when I found out that Mango wood is only cut down after it has stopped producing delicious Mangos and that it takes only five to eight years to grow to maturity (oak trees take about 20 years to grow to their full height).
  2. The Bedside Table & Lamp - For the bedside table I found a gold metal and glass table and a set of crystal bedside table lamps whose circular structure bring some softness to the room. Neither is sustainably certified but they are made of glass and crystal...two age old materials.
  3. The Artwork - To bring some color and softness to the room I chose this modern organic canvas print with striking yellow and white tones. At present they are not printed using sustainable materials but I am working on finding an eco-friendly vendor.
  4. The Bench - To match the bedside table and bring a little bit more femininity to the room I choose this small bench made with metal and cotton upholstery. I recommend buying two or three and placing them behind the bed to form a bed bench.
  5. The Rug - lastly, I chose this blue, yellow and beige rug made from eco-friendly jute to bring the beige, yellow and gold aspects of the room together. I love this rug because not only does it tie the room together and brings it's own spark of personality.

Fill your Entire Home with Decor that Makes you Sleep More Peacefully

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