How to Create a Calming & Rejuvenating Meditation Space

How to Create a Calming & Rejuvenating Meditation Space

Since I'm living in a temporary space right now it's really made me think about things I'd never thought about....for example it seems that I took for granted the nice nature facing windows in my living room with inspirational artwork on either side. They served as a wonderful view that really calmed me down and allowed me to meditate peacefully and easily if I sat on the floor and faced the window. Without realizing it I had set up a meditation space! 

So it got me thinking how helpful it would be to other people to set up a space, wall or corner that was simply dedicated to meditation. What matters most is what you're looking at and what sounds are entering your mind when you're sitting in the's better if you have a bunch of space but if you don't that's not a problem. What I think is important is that you have an intentional space. 

It made me realize that in my next home I will have an intentional meditation space. Not having one this kind of space this past month has made me realize how important it is to my mental health. 

So with this in my, here is my first in a series of calming and rejuvenating meditation rooms / spaces. If you need some awesome stuff to make your cozy corner the perfect place to meditate, simply click on the images. Everything is available for purchase.

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Calming & Rejuvenating Meditation Space


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Thoughts Behind this Calming & Rejuvenating Meditation Space

  1. The Water Foundation - I meditate best when I am listening to the sound of running water. If I'm out walking my dog and there's a foundation I always stop and meditate for at least a few minutes. The sound helps put me into this deep state. So when I saw this indoor water foundation I knew I had to include it...and I knew that in the next year I will have some sort of water foundation in meditation space. 
  2. The Artwork - Next I chose this purple, green and blue organic abstract canvas print. I love the way that it matches the green of the water foundation but also adds more color to the space. You may be thinking, why would you add artwork to a meditation space. And the answer is that what you look at before you start meditating and when you stop meditating create a subconscious imprint on you want that object or piece of artwork to be something that makes you feel amazing....that makes you feel alive...and that inspires you to make your life into something really great. If you do this then your meditations will lead your brain on paths of inspiration...and into ideas that will make your life even more amazing! To find the right sized art for your meditation space, download one of my free eguides.
  3. The Lighting - If your space allows I definitely recommend having some sort of lighting especially if there is no window nearby. After all you don't want to meditate in the dark all the time....that can get a little depressing. Instead I recommend installing something like this Japanese-inspired light with a dimmer switch. That way you can get the lighting level just right!
  4. The Rug - I definitely recommend putting a rug in your meditation space especially if you have hardwood floors. It will soften the space and make you feel more comfortable. 
  5. The Smooth Stones - To add more softness and earthiness to the room, I added in some rainforest stones that you can place around the edge of the floor. They add a more organic feel ad will balance out the angular edges of the fountain.
  6. The Meditation Pillow - For those of you that don't like sitting on the floor (I'm only like to sit on the floor about half of the time myself) I found this awesome green meditation pillow. It's spacious so you can lie on your back during your practice. It would provide cushioning for your back and head. I picked the green to match the water foundation and the print. Together they give the space a very natural feel.
  7. Lastly, for those of you with windows I found a simple beige shade that can be pulled down if you're sensitive to light or pulled up if you lie to look out the window like me.

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this meditation space to your home or apartment.

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How to Create a Calming & Rejuvenating Meditation Space
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