How to Improve your Meditation Practice

I know that we all have this picture in our heads of the ideal place to meditate. You know what I'm talking about...the little shrine with buddha and little candles and the perfect crisp clean mat. 

But the reality is that very few people have this...I know I don't....and I'm a pretty devoted meditator. 

But what I have noticed is that my surroundings do affect my meditation practice. In the past I've attributed distraction from my meditation practice to noise in my head or my everyday life getting in the way...which to a certain extent it was....But the truth is that the noise in my head was increased because where I meditated was full of objects, furniture, and artwork that reminded me of what I didn't want....not what I wanted or needed.

And we meditate to find clarity so that we can get what we need.

So let me help you set yourself up for success....

Go to the space where you meditate most often. As you walk into the space notice what is around you both in your line of vision and in your periphery. As you walk in take it all in consciously not in passing like you usually do....and remind yourself that everything you see is seeping into your unconscious. Everything you see is putting into place your mindset...and that mindset will impact your meditation practice.

Next, sit in the place in the exact position that you meditate. Observe what you're looking at before you close your eyes. How does it make you feel in your body?

Why you don't Want a Neutral Meditation Space

I know a lot of people are tempted to just leave the meditation space in a minimal state....with bare walls and a simple mat. But I think they're missing the point.

Meditation is about clearing our minds so that we can gain clarity. It is about uncovering our true self and allowing our natural joy to bubble up to the surface. It is not about being devoid of emotion. So don't fall into the trap of devoiding your meditation space of joy or things that evoke emotion.

Instead think about....What do you usually meditate on? What topics do you need clarity on? What images, colors, or items could serve as a positive anchor in your meditation space?

I'm in transition right now, but I've promised myself that when I have a permanent home I'm going to buy an indoor water foundation similar to this one. In the past, I've found that flowing water helps me go into deeper meditative states. They're easy to shut on and off as needed. 

Maggie MinorComment