How to Set Yourself up for Success with Positive Anchors & Rituals

The philosophy that what we think about determines our path in this life has had a major impact on my life. You see, when I was in my 20s I was determined to live a life full of joy and adventure and I did because I believed with all of my heart that it would happen. However, it all fell apart in my 30s when I realized that I had achieved the outer things that I thought would make me happy, but I felt miserable inside. 

When I was at my lowest moments I started to listen to a variety of coaches. I was determined that if I absorbed what they had to say then I could live a happier life not only from the outside but from the inside as well....and little by little I did absorb it....and as I shed the things that were weighing me down and replaced them with positive thoughts and anchors I transformed into the most fulfilled version of myself that I've ever been. 

Adopt a Positive Morning Ritual

Morning rituals and 'priming' have played a significant part in keeping the momentum of my transformation on the video below for a summary of how Tony Robbins does this every morning.

During the past year I have become religious about my morning ritual. I don't allow myself to get out of bed until I have a positive outlook on my my life and the day before me....and it has been absolutely amazing. Since I committed myself to this my life feels so much more hopeful and amazing ideas have come into my brain at an alarmingly faster rate. I really have begun to believe that the universe is conspiring for me.

Over the last year my morning routine has begun to look more like what Jack Canfield describes in the video below. The visualizing that he talks about has become paramount to building my confidence and banishing hopeless thoughts from my world.

How to Build Positive Anchors into Your Home

I think that having a 'must do' mental exercise list in the morning is imperative. But as Jack Canfield talks about in the video above we also have to surround ourselves with positive anchors that not only reinforces the positive messages that we're absorbing into our minds during our morning ritual but that also reinforce this mindset throughout the day. I love his reference to how crosses in monasteries reinforce monks' faith mindset throughout the day. 

It is important to have one or more positive anchors that we see first thing when we get out of bed. In fact, I recommend decorating your entire line of vision from your bed to be positively reinforcing. It may be a cross or other religious symbol for you but it also could be simply things that make you feel good or have positive memories associated with them. 

Fill your Whole Home with Positive Anchors

If what I've said is resonating with you and you'd like to learn more about how positive anchors can bring more positivity to your life, then read my book - The Powerful Room. This course will take you step by step how to transform your home and office into a solid foundation to support your personal growth work....and Become aware of the mental habits and blocks that are keeping you from having the home of your dreams.


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