How to Create a Beautiful Restorative Meditation Room

How to Create a Beautiful Restorative Meditation Room

You have to make space for what is important. I hear that all the time in the personal development world. There's tons of material about how you have to forgive and let go in order to allow new things into your life. 

I don't think our homes are any different. We have to dedicate space to the things that we hold important. For example, kitchens have become bigger and more centrally located in houses over the past several decades. It's not because cooking has become more central to our culture because people actually cook less, but I think its because women have become more empowered  and women feel drawn to kitchens. Now that comment might warrant some comments below...but there is a cultural shift at play......and I see spaces for meditation taking a similar route. 

More and more people are meditating....because more and more of us feel that something is missing in our lives....we're not okay with the status quo. We want to feel connected to something bigger and daily meditation is a major first step.

Some of the main reasons that people give for not meditating are I don't have time and I get distracted. That's why I think its important to have a space, even a small space (maybe just part of a wall) that is dedicated to meditating. That way its there as a reminder that you have to putting out your shoes if you want to run the next day.

That's why I've put together the below meditation room design. I designed it to bring you a restorative and beautiful feeling of peace...and depending on the size of your space you can include everything or just a few spaces. As always everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images.

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Beautiful Restorative Meditation Room


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Thoughts behind this Beautiful Restorative Meditation Room

  1. The Artwork - I started with the thing that you look at first thing before you meditate and the last thing afterwards - the artwork. For this I chose this coastal-inspired blue, white and yellow canvas print. I chose it because I find that it has a calming effect on me. What does it make you feel? Would that feeling be beneficial to your meditation practice?

  2. The Lighting - I really wanted this room to have a Japanese influence so I chose this dark brown wicker pendant light. I recommend installing a dimmer so that you can turn it low during meditation and then high when you need to use adjoining spaces for more every day activities or you want to practice some yoga!

  3. The Water Foundation - I personally love water foundations for meditation purposes. The sound of falling water puts me into a deep trance and I feel so connected to the universe it is downright magical. if you've ever had a similar experience then I recommend installing one in your meditation room or dedicated space. You can even leave it on during the day and let it serve as a reminder of your meditation throughout your day or evening.

  4. The Cushion - I love comfort and unless I'm in a very specific mood I don't like to sacrifice it during my meditation practice. I mean really? Why would you? So I chose this blue and white cushion that compliments the artwork and adds a bit more happy to the room.

  5. The Curtains - Meditation time for me is the time of the day when I allow myself no distractions and I believe that yours should be no different. So I chose these lovely yellow curtains that not only bring out the yellow in the artwork but add a cheery tone to the room. If you like yellow then I definite recommend them. They're also blackout curtains so you can close them for extra privacy.

  6. The Jute Rug - I chose this handmade rug made from jute and sisal. It adds an earthy feeling to the room and feels amazingly natural on your feet.

  7. The Alter Table - I thought that the room needed a table or rather an alter. Alters are great because you can cover them with positive anchors (i.e. things that center you and bring good feelings to your soul) and if done with care can bring the vibration of your meditation and your life up.

  8. The Buddha - I'll be honest I felt a bit cheesy adding this buddha but I loved its weathered feeling so much I just had to include it. Plus I've been staying in a house with buddhas all over the place and I'm finding it incredibly much so that I think I'm going to integrate a buddha collection into my house. So if you're like me and you find buddhas comforting then I definitely recommend placing one on your alter table.

  9. The Curtain Rod - Lastly, I chose a dark curtain rod to compliment the dark pendent light and the dark accents of the water foundation. I think it ties the room together nicely.

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this meditation space to your home or apartment.

How to Create a Beautiful Restorative Meditation Room
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