How to Create an Inspiring Industrial Living Room

I love love love industrial spaces. They usually have such an interesting history and it shows in every rivet, beam and dent in the floor. They are old spaces that used to be centers of manufacturing transformed into people's homes. 

They could easily become big cold spaces but the more skilled developers are able to showcase the space's interesting architectural elements like warn beams, old windows, and beaten up floors in ways to reflect their humanity. In most cases these spaces center around concrete, wood, and metal....and although they are shown at their best, the spaces are generally still lack a certain feeling of aliveness.........and that is where home decor can save the day!

So for this living room design I really wanted to compliment the architecture but at the same time bring it some color and softness. 

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Design and Artwork Ideas for a Grey, Blue and Copper Inspiring Industrial Living Room 


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Thoughts behind this Grey, Blue and Copper Inspiring Industrial Living Room 

Artwork - First I started with the artwork because nothing brings color, texture, and aliveness to a room like artwork. This abstract work blends the greys and browns of an industrial space with vibrant blues, oranges and greens. For lofts with tall ceilings and a lot of wall space they come in a rectangular set and a square set. To figure out what size is right for you download my free guide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces

Sofa, Throw Pillows & Throw - Next I chose a large blue upholstered sofa to bring some color and softness to the space and paired it with white faux fur pillows and a throw to provide contrast and to bring a sense of coziness to the space.

Coffee Table & Scented Candle -  I then found a sleek wooden coffee table to fit the modern look of the space and found a beautifully smelling jasmine candle to sit on it to bring a beautiful scent to the room.

Lantern Floor Lamp - To add additional softness and to compliment the high ceilings of many industrial spaces I chose this white lantern floor lamp that can be adjusted for different spaces. You can buy several and place then in strategic places in the room to set a very peaceful mood.

Rug - Next I found a textured grey rug made of natural fibers that can be laid down in the living room area to not only enclose the space if its an open floor plan but to soften the space and bring balance out the grey in the artwork.

TV Stand & Accent Piece -  The blue wooden TV stand provides some additional color and lightens the mood of the room. I recommend not only placing the television on it but also other accents like this large green and blue sculpture that really bring personality to the space.

Accent Chairs - To balance the room and give you lots of options for guests I found this cream modern accent chair. I recommend buying two if you have a large space and placing them on either side of the sofa. 

Metal Side Tables - Lastly I wanted to put something in the room that tipped its hat to the metal that is usually present in industrial space architecture so I found this organically crafted side table which can be placed next to the sofa and/or accent chairs.

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this inspiring industrial living room ensemble to your home!

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