How to Bring Inspiration & Life to a Neutral Room

The current home decor culture celebrates neutral rooms. They call them the Scandinavian look and its all the rage. These rooms are smooth, sleek, and everything in them looks like it would be great to touch. Bloggers and designers use words like calming and soothing to describe them. However as I've written about in-depth in my post How Neutral Rooms can Make you Unhappy I believe that lack of color in a room encourages us to subconsciously numb ourselves to emotions. We're visual creatures and colors are an important part of how we process the world around us. 

Do you want to Experience more Feelings of Inspiration & Aliveness?

So for those of you who want to feel more alive, feel inspired, and look forward to what life has to offer I encourage you to bring more color into your home. Color has magical qualities. It brings a spark to the soul. Some people like more of it and some people like less of it, but all of us crave it. 

If you're experiencing the blahs and you have neutral rooms in your home or office I invite you to add a little color here and there. Keep adding more until you feel like you've hit your goldilocks spot.

Here are some suggestions to bring inspiration and life to a boring neutral room....

Add Colorful Throw Pillows

Colorful throw pillows are an excellent first especially for anyone who is a bit nervous about change. They're easy to buy, not super expensive, but at the same time they can make a big difference. I've found some throw pillows for inspiration!

Add a Colorful Throw Blanket

Another small step that can add a lot of life to a room is adding a throw blanket. In livings rooms they can be laid over the back of the sofa when not in use and in a bedroom they ca be folded and laid decoratively at the foot of the bed. Here are some ideas...

Add a Colorful Accent Chair

Adding a colorful accent chair to a room is actually one of my favorite ways to brighten up a room. In a living room you can add a chair catty cornered to the sofa. In a bedroom it could be placed in a corner or arranged as a reading nook. In an office you could add a colorful accent chair as a stylish solution to guest seating....or for your own desk.

Add Colorful Artwork

Artwork can completely transform a room. After all artwork generally is hung on walls and we look at the walls of our homes and offices more than we look anywhere else. As a result what we put on our walls affects our subconscious more than anything...and as a result it influences our mood. If we love the artwork that we place in a room and it makes us feel alive and inspired then we're sending a very important message to ourselves...that we deserve to feel alive and inspired. 

The scale of the artwork that we put in our home is also very important. I see people buy artwork that is too small for a room or space all the time. I think this is because people are often intimidated by's affect on them... and our cultural misconception that you have to 'understand' art in order to enjoy it. As a result people choose small artwork so they can minimize any feelings of 'not enough' that they associate with themselves or their perceived lack of knowledge around art. 

I think people should just buy what they like, be proud of it, and buy it in as large a size as their room allows. Allow the art you love...the art that inspires you...and makes you feel infuse your home. Download my one of my free eguides to help you choose the right sized artwork for your home. 

To see many more choices in more colors visit my canvas prints page.

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