How to Make your Home Feel Calmer

We all want to come home to a calm house...especially is you have a stressful job or have rambunctious kids. It can feel like something out of a fantasy like it can never actually happen....but it can.

I can't promise that a unicorn is going to greet you at the door and serve you a gourmet meal, but I can give you some ideas things that will improve your life little by little...till all of a sudden you come home one day and realize omg my house does feel calm!

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If you're not quite ready then keep're in for some fabulous ideas!

So let's get started.

Add More Natural Elements

Items made from natural materials can really ground a room. For example, a wooden serving tray is a great little accent piece. Also consider a super rustic wooden sculpture. Not only can they be soothing but they can give you a little nature zing. Lastly, a real plant placed in strategic spots (even if it’s just one) can bring the room 'down' a notch towards calmness.

Include Artwork that Makes you Feel Whimsical and Light


Artwork can play a big role in making a room calmer. 

I invite you to brainstorm about what is calming to you? For me a calm room is whimsical and light. The artwork in it doesn't demand anything from me. It doesn't make me feel like I 'should' be anything other than what I am.....and for me whimsical and light is emotionally captured in pastels. For me there is something about pastel prints especially ones that tip their hat to natural settings but in an abstract way. So here are some examples of what I like....what do you like? What makes you feel calmer?

Reduce Noise

Reducing noise is often an underestimated way to make a room feel calmer. If the noise you need to reduce is outside your house sound reducing curtains like the ones above work wonders especially at night when you close them all the way. Another option is to introduce white noise. My current neighbors have 'band practice' on Tuesday nights and I've been able to reduce how much I notice it by asking my Amazon Dot to play 'Rain Sounds'. It's also really helpful on garbage pick-up mornings:) Lastly, if you live in a two-story house or an apartment and have wooden floors the above rug underpadding works wonders. I used this in my upstairs bedroom in my old 1920s bungalow and it made a big difference. 

Make the Space Smell Good


Good smells can really make a big difference...because our smell is highly connected to the primal part of our brain. I recommend first making sure that your rooms or rooms are really clean...and you don't have to do it yourself. This isn't that kind of blog. I personally hate cleaning. Hire a maid for a few hours a week or task your husband or children with it as one of their chores....believe me ...having someone else keep the room clean will really make you feel calmer:) Next make sure your cleaners use non-toxic cleaning products and that you like the way they smell. Finally, add an essential oil diffuser to the room and fill it with one of your favorite scents.

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