How to Get out of a Rut...and Start a Cycle of Positivity

Are you in a rut? Do you feel like you just keep repeating the same day over and over again? Well, I totally get it. I've been there!

But the good news is that you're reading this post so that means that on some level you're ready for change. So take a minute and congratulate yourself. Few people take this step.

Let's get started.....

The first thing to understand is that a rut is a cycle in itself. For example if you hate your job like I used to. You get up in the morning with a sense of dread. This dread grows as you get closer to work. I can remember having to literally stop outside of the door to my work and take a few deep breathes before I could even walk through the door. The only reason I didn't turn around and run for the hills is because I felt like I had no way out. I had become so beat down by the toxic environment of my job that my sense of self worth had the point where I didn't even think that any healthy organization would want to hire me. So instead of looking for another job when I got home I would just go home fix a nice meal and zone out through television or projects around my house....and then get up the next morning and start all over again. I felt like zombie.

It took being betrayed by a co-worker for me to have a wake-up call....and for me to realize that the situation had nothing to do with me except that I was buying into it. I can clearly remember sitting in my boss's boss's office and listening to my co-worker just stab me in the back. I walked out of that office so angry and indignant that the Voice (you know the one that tells you the truth) said, "You're better than're better than these people."

So How do you Stop Buying into the Rut? 

Start Using Basic Affirmations

If you've poked around in the personal growth arena even just a little bit I'm sure you've run into multiple posts about affirmations. Now I know from experience that when you're in the darkest places of a rut your reaction might very well be "F*^#% Affirmations! Those are for people whose lives like look like Disney Moments." How do I know this...well, because that was my reaction. The thought that my life could change from chanting a bunch of words in the morning sounded as far fetched as Tinkerbell coming into my room, sprinkling fairy dust on me, and magically making my life change. So if you're in this camp here's what I recommend. Start by telling yourself throughout the day that "my life can be different." Because you may be like I're so far in the rut that you have no idea what you just know that you want out. So tell yourself "my life can be different" and I swear little by little you'll start to come out of the fog.

For those of you a little further along in the process I recommend one of Michael Bernard Beckwith's favorite ones...and now one of my favorites..."I am open to more good than I have ever experienced before in my life."

Change the Music you Listen to

Music can have a huge effect on our mood. We might think of it as more of a cultural experience sometimes but its really very primal. So put away your Linkin Park or Nine Inch Nails...and find something more positive. Now, I'm not saying that you have to put on show tunes or cheesy pop music....don't put on something that feels fake. Just start being aware of how your music makes you feel and what the lyrics are saying. Do you feel moved after you listen to it? Do you feel hopeful? Does it allow you to picture yourself in a more positive place? Does it make me want to sing along...or even better yet smile?

Listen to Thoughtful Podcasts

I love podcasts. They're not for everyone, but I definitely recommend downloading some and listening to them on your commute or while you go about your day. They've certainly been a huge influence in my own transition from a huge life rut to a cycle of positivity. Here's some that I recommend:

Chase Jarvis   Lewis Howes   Super Soul Sunday   Marie Forleo   Tony Robbins   Untamed Yourself

Change up your Surroundings

You may not be able to make major changes in your life right away...for example change jobs or fully disentangle yourself from a toxic relationship, but you can change what you look at everyday. What we look at has a huge impact on our subconscious and there are certain walls or views that are in our line of vision for the majority of the day. For most of us this is the area around our work station, our line of vision from our couch and the wall that we look at before we turn out the lights and go to sleep.


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