Podcast Guest on Inspiring Women Leaders - The Inner Work of Decluttering & Home Design

The objects we have in our house are incredibly emotionally charged. The things we buy to numb ourselves or fit in, they can make us feel stagnant or obligated and we bring that energy into our home.
— Maggie Minor

My guest appearance on Meredith Rom's Inspiring Women Leader's podcast is out! And I am so excited because I really enjoyed doing this interview. Meredith has this amazing quiet energy. I could feel how centered she was as we recorded and it inspired me to be more centered myself.

We talked about decluttering and our emotional attachment to our objects...and how to live in the void after we've decluttered so that we fill the space with positivity instead of simply filling it with the energy similar to what we discarded. We also talked about my time in the Peace Corps which was wonderfully reflective...and an unexpected but great surprise. 

Click here to listen. Meredith asks great questions...and you'll learn a lot.


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