How our Home Decor Can Heal Us

I believe that what we surround ourselves with is important...and that it truly affects us on a conscious and subconscious level. Being around beautiful furniture, artwork, and other every day items that remind us of people and places we love makes us feel warm, loved and luxurious....and this is what every one is seeking.....well, it's certainly what I'm seeking. We want the outer world to improve our inner world...i.e. our feelings about ourselves. 

However, what if we flip that thought on it's head?

Our Home Decor Reflects how We Feel on the Inside

If you're a student of the law of attraction like I am, then you know that what we attract what we FEEL into our lives. If we feel luxurious, beautiful and abundant then we will attract beautiful luxurious things and people into our lives.

So what if we used our homes as a tool to take a look at how we feel about ourselves and then make changes to improve it. For example, over the past several weeks I've asked at least 50 women, "what is the main reason that they have a wall blank in their homes? (even when it is bugging them)" and they generally say something along the lines of "I'm scared I won't like it in a month" or "I'm feel overwhelmed with choice."

I've really thought about what these statements really mean...and the thing that keeps coming up is self trust.....because when we follow our intuition (the part of ourselves that represents who we truly are.... I like to call it our soul) then we don't second guess ourselves and we don't feel overwhelmed.

When we trust ourselves we bring beautiful things into our lives....that in turn make us happy.

So when I came across this series of videos of Martha Beck on the Oprah Winfrey Show...I was so happy because the two segments show you how when you align your intuition with decorating your home the end result is a feeling of alignment and joy.

In the first video, the last two minutes are where the real ah-ha moment is.....


Now that you've watched the above, check out what happens when you go though the process....


How we can Heal Ourselves by Looking at our Home Decor

I love this video series because it shows how we can not only heal ourselves through redecorating our homes but we can bring ourselves to life and give ourselves a boost of confidence!

So if you are looking to bring some beauty and boldness into your home and life...check out my book - The Powerful Room based on these very principles.

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