Mama Gena, Desire & Your Home Decor

Over the weekend I had some time to kill so I decided to do some research around my health. What I found instead was even better! I came across a video of Mama Gena. 

If you don't know who Mama Gena is then let me tell you! She runs the School of Womanly Arts in New York City. The school teaches women of "all ages to use the power of pleasure to have their way with the world. [It] enhance[s] and expand[s] the voice of women by fanning the flames of their desires, which opens the doors of fun and pleasure for everyone."

When I was listening to her talk I kept having those moments where I was like "oh that's me" and "OMG. I thought I was so progressive. I can't believe those arcane beliefs I grew up with are STILL imprinted in my head." I was so inspired that I've decided to take her Mastery Course next year. New York here I come!

What Mama Gena Tells us About Desire

"Do we live as we are the stuff that please was made of?" - this is the question Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena) asks at the beginning of her ted talk. 

When she first asked the question I was like well yeah...but then as she got more and more enthusiastic I was like oh well...maybe not as much as I should ....and then I got inspired. 

Because at the heart of her message was that in order to live a fulfilled life we really have to delve into what makes us feel "pleasure." It's a strong word in a culture, but not one that I think that we use enough. Instead we use words like fulfilled, content, and happy but really do any of those words make you want to jump up and down on a stage?....not me. On the other hand, the word please makes me really want to dig into my soul and figure out what would make me want to jump up and down on a stage. 

I want to feel this way more! And I want to share this with you! If you're interested in learning more, click on the video and watch.

Getting What we Desire

After watching over 10 videos of Mama Gena this weekend, I realized the true extent to which most women compromise what they desire to make their family happy, to fit in, or to not rock the boat...and I'm including me in this! Why do we not get what we desire? The basics of it are simple, most of the time we don't know WHAT WE WANT and secondly we don't ask for it. 

Pussy: A Reclamation
By Regena Thomashauer

I talk to so many women who get really excited about buying art and then at the last minute they literally shrink their bodies and lower the tone of their voice and say something to the tune of "well, maybe I'll buy it later." It never ceases to leave me standing there with my jaw open....and thinking to myself....but you were just bouncing around and smiling and now you look all shrunk and defeated.

I don't believe women should ever feel shrunk and defeated! I'm pro-get what you desire.

So if you want to go to the spa, go to the spa! If you want to travel to Italy, go to Italy (find a way to make it happen!) and if you want to buy a piece of artwork that you love and brings you joy, buy it!

Her latest book has a pretty controversial title, but I love it! Click the link to learn more about why she named it 'Pussy'. If you're a bold woman, like me, I guarantee you'll be cheering her on as you read it!



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