How to Create a Beautiful Modern Feminine Home Office

If you want a beautiful feminine home office with modern touches, but don't have the time to pick out furniture and artwork for your office, this post is for you!

I hope it inspires some decorating ideas for your home office. All images are available for purchase, just click them! Enjoy!

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Feminine Home Office 

More and more women are working from home their own bosses (that's right, ladies!). I know that when I started working from home I really wanted to make my office my own...I wanted it to reflect who I am as a person and ultimately my brand. But the transition was and still is a bit difficult. I worked in an uber masculinized world for 15 years and so how I thought about offices (and how I thought about work in general) was ingrained in my head. Lately, however, I've been hankering to break free!..and really embrace my femininity in my office and my brand...and so this post...this room design is my hat tip to all the ladies who also want to break free! I hope you enjoy it!


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Thoughts behind this Beautiful Feminine Home Office 

I started with the desk. I choose a functional desk first and foremost (to help you get your work groove on), but I chose one that looks light and clean but also tangible. I then chose a funky matching shelf to compliment it aesthetically but also functionally I always love having a shelf in my office so I can have samples and references materials easily at hand.

Every office needs art and that art should be uplifting and cheerful! So for this office I chose a set of two bright yellow prints from my 2016 collection. They are photographs of the glaze on one of my modern wall sculptures but from different angles so each varies slightly. If your office is a large space (lucky you!) I recommend that you download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. However, if your office is small or is a nook, download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces on my Freebies page.

For lighting I choose a simple yet elegant silver lamp with a crisp white shade. It's adjustable and can swivel with you as you work. The chair also swivels and rolls so you can move about your office with the ease that you did if you worked in a stodgy old office (they did have some free coffee...I miss that one). However, for your modern feminine home office I chose a nice bold blue which sets off well against the white and the yellow.

For functional purposes and partly just because I love extra light when I'm working, I have included an extra standing lamp which you can place at the opposite corner of you desk to the desk lamp (if you have the room). It's always so much more calming to work with lamp light instead of overhead lighting. 

To add spice and originality to your office I've included an upright sculpture from my 2017 collection. I'd place it on the shelf for a little inspiration throughout the day. Lastly, I found a cotton rug to pull the yellows, whites, and blues of the room rugs always make a room so much more cozy!

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