How to Create a Coastal Living Room with Fabulous Artwork

For those of you that love that coastal feeling and want to come home to it everyday this post is for you. I've assembled my artwork and furniture from Wayfair to create a complete living room. 

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Design and Artwork Ideas for a Fabulous Modern Coastal Living Room

When designing this modern coastal living room my first thought was what would I want to come home to? What would calm and inspire me all at the same time?


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Thoughts behind this Fabulous Living Room with Coastal Artwork

To accomplish this, I decided to go with a coastal feel and to kick off this endeavor I chose one of my favorite abstract canvas prints from my 2016 collection. This piece is actually a photograph of a glazed tile I made back when I was studying ceramics at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. When I blew it up as an abstract canvas print I loved how blues, purples and whites of the glazes combined to form an organic almost ocean-like look. To find the right sized print for your living room download one of my eguides from my freebies page.

I then paired it with a set of modern turquoise and white table lamps that compliment its coloring and counterbalance the prints' organic nature with its geometric patterns.

I then paired it with a simple "classic bleach white" couch that looks uber comfortable (sadly I can't testify to its actual comfort). I imagine this room with the above coastal canvas print hung over it. To find the right size for your room download the eguide - How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space. 

To compliment the modern coastal style of the room I picked out a side table (I recommend putting one on either end of the couch if you have the room) with gold sleek trim. Then to add softness I brought in a small turquoise ottoman which can be put to the side if needed or you could buy two and place these weaved trays over them and use them to hold refreshments and snacks! Or you can put the trays to the side and put up your feet after a long day.

Finally, I've included a super textured jute rug to ground the room...and to give your bare feet a little message every time you walk to your couch.

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