How to Create a Modern Turquoise Bedroom with Fabulous Artwork

A friend of mine told me the other day, "I never know what to put together when it comes to home decor...I'd love it if someone just had a bedroom all picked out for me".....and I thought I love picking out and matching furniture and artwork....I should help people!

And that's just what I've put together. I've picked one of my favorite turquoise abstract canvas prints and picked out an entire suite of bedroom furniture to compliment it. The whole time that I was putting these pieces together I pictured myself in this room...winding down for a night's as a result I stuck to calm soothing colors and a simple design.

I made sure to include plenty of rounded edges to soften the room and keep it inline with feng shui principles.


Decorating Ideas for a Fabulous Turquoise Bedroom with Modern Artwork

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Thoughts behind this Modern Turquoise Bedroom with Fabulous Artwork

The Bed and the Artwork Above it - I started with the bed...after all, the bed sets the tone for the whole room and is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. I wanted something simple and somewhat feminine. I chose a bed with no headboard because the turquoise and blue abstract canvas print will serve as the headboard. Download the eguide - How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space from my freebies page.. It includes instructions on what size the order if your bed has no headboard.

The Nightstands - I then picked out nightstands that matched the wood in the bed so the bedroom would look cohesive but chose round nightstands with beautiful curves and a contemporary design to soften the room. 

The Table Lamps - I then choose translucent turquoise table lamps with round soft features to add to the feminine qualities of the room and compliment the lovely turquoise highlights in the abstract canvas print.

The Bench - Next I found a super contemporary turquoise modern bedroom bench with soft yet angular features to place at the foot of the bed.

The Rug - I brought in the natural feel and texture of a jute rug to bring warmth and a sense of grounding to the room.

The Wall Accents - For an extra punch of funky femininity, I chose this pair of ceramic wall sculptures on one of the side walls...and what's even more fun if that they are the ceramic wall sculptures that were photographed to get the turquoise abstract canvas print that brings the wow factor to the room!

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