How to Create a Modern Turquoise Bedroom with Fabulous Artwork

Turquoise reminds me of the water in the caribbean …translucent, blue-green and calming. That’s why it’s one of my favorite colors to integrate into bedrooms.

Most people I know, me included describe their bedrooms as the one place in the world where we want to feel calm and relaxed. After all our bedrooms are our santuaries….they are where we rejuvenate, dream, and have our most intimate moments. I believe that it’s the one room in our house where we should feel like we can be true selves.

So with that in mind, I put together the below design for people who want to feel not only relaxed but creative and modern. I made sure to integrate lots of soft fabrics that you feel like you can touch and snuggle into while at the same time integrating modern pieces and artwork that are modern and creative in their design.

The whole time that I was putting these pieces together I pictured myself winding down for a night's rest in this room...and in fact I felt so in tune with this process that I used my own bed…and the nightstand that I plan to order in the coming months in the design. So these are what speak to me…not every piece may speak to you…and that’s okay. I designed this room for inspiration and to show you that it’s easier than you think to integrate calming yet modern artwork into a bedroom design.

Keep scrolling to check out the design…and to get ideas for your own amazing modern turquoise bedroom!


Decorating Ideas for a Fabulous Turquoise Bedroom with Modern Artwork

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Thoughts behind this Modern Turquoise Bedroom with Fabulous Artwork

The Bed - I started with the bed...after all, the bed sets the tone for the whole room and is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. I wanted something simple and feminine but that also will make you feel like you want to reach out and touch it every time that you crawl into bed.

The Artwork - Next I chose the second most important piece for any bedroom…what you look at when you’re laying in bed….artwork. For this bedroom I wanted soft turquoise so I chose this large canvas print (which also comes in small sizes) for its texture and its beautiful purples and greens. Download the eguide - How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space or my other eguides from my freebies page to figure out what size would work in your space.

The Nightstands and Dresser - I then picked out matching nightstands and a dresser that have enough personality to compete with artwork while also being understated. Their elegant texture adds an artsy touch to the room while their beautiful curves and contemporary design to soften the room. 

The Table Lamps - I then choose these translucent turquoise table lamps with round soft features and a touch of texture to add to the feminine qualities of the room and compliment the lovely turquoise highlights in the abstract canvas print.

The Curtains - To balance the color in the room I added light green curtains which bring out the same color in the artwork and give a broader color depth to the room so it doesn’t feel “one note” in terms of color.

The Bench - Next I found a super contemporary turquoise modern bedroom bench with soft yet angular features to place at the foot of the bed.

The Rug - I brought in the natural feel and texture of a jute rug to bring warmth and a sense of grounding to the room.

The Wall Accents - For an extra punch of funky femininity, I chose this pair of ceramic wall sculptures on one of the side walls...and what's even more fun if that they are the ceramic wall sculptures that were photographed to get the turquoise abstract canvas print that brings the wow factor to the room!

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