How to be a Bold Lucky Bitch with Great Home Decor

About three years ago a friend of mine turned to me and said, "you've got to read this book" and I was like "what book" and she slowly smiled and said Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. I threw back my head and laughed out loud and was like that's the best book title ever!

The next day I downloaded the book and devoured it over the next two weeks. It was packed with tidbits about how women think about money and how our culture has ingrained a lot of negative beliefs in money for women. The book then went on to talk about how to overcome these beliefs and prosper as a result. It was fascinating!

The next month I signed up for her Manifesting Course and then things really started to change....

Decluttering = Bold Home Decor

The first thing that the manifesting course instructed me to do was to throw or give away any item in my home or business that wasn't serving me. This led to a massive two week cleanse. It's high point was me rolling my old rickety dining room table down the street to the dumpster. When I finally propped it up against the dumpster and walked away I did a little dance in the street...with onlookers and everything! And I did not care...because I felt awesome. I had finally allowed myself to get rid of so may things that I had been holding onto for ages out of obligation to family, old friends, and what people thought that I 'should' keep. 

...And what happen next was even better! After having purged my whole life I could finally see the things that I really loved and celebrate them. I also had more space to see what I actually wanted...and an increased ability to then ask for it. This was the beginning of a longer journey for in which I could cycle through decluttering and forgiveness, clarifying what I wanted and then taking action. 

What came out of it was that I was a much bolder person than I had ever thought and this began to come out in my home decor. As where before I would go immediately to neutrals (which is what is the safe option), I am now going for furniture with bold blue fabrics and sleek modern design. My choices are surprising, but I have never felt more like me!

How Money Blocks and Bold Home Decor Meet

One of the things that Denise went into detail about was 'upgrading' your life slowly. For example, if you're a college student who is using an old box with a piece linen over it as a table go to IKEA and spent the $14 to buy a simple table. It doesn't cost you a lot of money but it will certainly make you feel a lot better when you get home. 

For successful women it might mean investing in something that you really love that you've just been holding back from buying because you don't think you deserve a piece of art or that gorgeous table you keep passing by at your local boutique.

When we surround ourselves with things that make us feel abundant, this causes subtle shifts in our thinking that allow us to receive more abundance into our lives.

Most women don't upgrade little things in their lives simply because they have a money or worthiness block that they need to clear.  

Watch the video below to learn more.

How to Tackle your Blocks

I believe that every woman should have a home that they feel fabulous in and the money to make that happen! If you feel like you have money blocks that are keeping you from living a great life, it might be worth checking out Denise's Money Boot Camp. I'm planning on boot camp this year so I'll see you there!

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