How to Create a Modern Rustic Bedroom with Bold Artwork

This post is for those of you looking for decorating ideas and those of you who never know quite what furniture and artwork to put together in your home. 

If you live in the mountains or by a lake you might just have an affinity for modern rustic decor. Personally, I love the feeling of a modernized lodge with a burning fireplace and a killer view. So...for those of you that are looking to bring that look and feel into your bedroom, this post is for you....

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Design and Artwork Ideas for a Bold Modern Rustic Bedroom

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Thoughts behind this Modern Rustic Bedroom with Bold Artwork

I started with this beige luxurious fabric-covered queen bed that just screams comfort. I then included my favorite modern rustic abstract prints to hang over the bed. To figure out what size will work best in your room, download my eguide below.

I then chose a slightly shagged white rug to give the room texture. It will also wonderful luxurious feel when you walk to your bed at night. The nightstand is dark brown to compliment the large abstract canvas print, while the white duvet cover and pillows accent the white in the print. The solid white duvet cover also adds a sleek modern feel to this bold modern rustic bedroom.

The white fabric bedroom bench (which I recommend placing at the foot of the bed) brings some additional comfort and practicality to the room while also keeping pace with the room's modern touches. Meanwhile the red and beige curtains add a splash of color. The white and brown table lamp brings additional texture to the room and a little rustic edge with its rough lamp shade.

Lastly, I've included a matching chest of drawers and a bold orange-red jewelry box and one of my gold and white contemporary ceramic sculpture to sit atop the dresser.

If you have any questions on this bold modern rustic bedroom, just leave me a comment.

For more Room Design and Bold Artwork Ideas

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