How to Create a Glamorous Coastal Entryway

If you're looking for ideas to bring some glam to your entryway or hallways this post is for you.

I've paired some of my own artwork with furniture from Wayfair to create a glamorous coastal modern entryway that I love and I hope that you do too!

Everything is for purchase...just click each image to learn more. 

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Glamorous Coastal Modern Entryway

I don't know about you, but when I walk in my front door I want to feel awesome. I wanted to be welcomed home by beauty and glamor! 

Above all I want to feel like my home reflects who I am and what I love....and like many people I love the beach. I have a million childhood memories of being on the coast picking up drift wood or on my cousin's boat skiing...and those are all really happy memories for I idea of playing on that in my home decor makes me feel all warm inside.

So the entry way decor that I've put together below is all inspired by that.....


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Thoughts behind this Glamorous Coastal Entryway

The blue and white abstract canvas print is a close-up photograph of a beach inspired ceramic piece of mine that was covered in heavy blue and white glazes. It has always reminded me of the ocean...and its complexities. To figure out what size would work best in your modern entryway download one of my art size eguides.

I then choose a tall Kate Spade yellow and clear decorative glass vase to decorate the table with and provide a balance between the canvas print and the table. I then added a glass bowl with beading (which gives it a super glam effect) to be used as a key remind you when you leave and when you come in how glamorous you are!

The whole ensemble is anchored by a contemporary wooden table with a bottom shelf. I then found this super organic metal coat rack that is functional yet also provides its own elegant contribution.

For the bottom (or top) shelf of the table I picked out some beautiful yet functional baskets. The one to the right is for mail and magazines while the taller one could hold scarves, slippers, or toys.

To continue the theme of marrying beauty with function I found this gorgeous umbrella holder which could almost be a sculpture in itself. Then to tie everything together I found a jute rug that weaves blues and beiges together in a way that it almost looks like it has jewels embedded in it.

Bring Inspiration and Glamour to your Entire Home...and your Office

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