How to Create a Beautiful Living Room with Bold Artwork

If you're looking for bold and colorful inspiration for your modern living room, this post is for you! 

All of the images (both furniture and artwork) below are available for purchase...just click the images. I hope you are inspired!

I love a bold colorful coastal-inspired living room. I guess this is because I love feeling daring when I'm in my living space...I like to harness this energy so I can unleash it into the world when I walk out of my front door.

So here I've put together a living room for people who love color and bold contemporary design with an edge of mid-century style thrown in there.


Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Bold, Blue & Beautiful.....Modern Coastal Living Room


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Thoughts behind this Bold Living Room with Beautiful Artwork

I started with a set of six colorful abstract square canvas prints. These prints are amazing and can make a big statement if ordered in larger sizes or a more subdued statement if ordered in smaller sizes. I recommend hanging them over your sofa (if your sofa is pushed up against a wall), otherwise I recommend putting them on the largest wall in the room so they can really shine! I created an eguide which you can download which will help you decided which sizes are right for you! But keep in mind, I like big and bold! Check out my freebies page to see which guide is right for you.

I then chose this plush brilliant blue sofa to really bring out the blue in the prints. It also looks really comfortable which is key. I then paired it with this contemporary rustic side table to give the room texture and bring out the browns in the abstract canvas prints.

I don't know about you, but I like to put my feet up when I get home. So to balance color with neutral I picked out this uber comfortable long white ottoman. On occasions when you need extra space for drinks and snacks I've chosen a wicker tray that can rest on the ottoman.

Instead of table lamps, I chose floor lamps so that you can use all of the side tables to lay magazines and your beer after a long day's work. These contemporary floor lamps not only add style the room, but they free up table space. I recommend placing then slightly in back of the side tables so you can easily reach them to turn them on and off. 

To bring texture to the room, I've also selected a textured white and cream jut rug....jute rugs feel great on your bare feet. 

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