How to Create a Colorful & Elegant Hallway Nook

I love hallway nooks and I hate when they get if you're someone who has blank hallway nooks but not the time to think to match furniture or be inspired....let me be your inspiration!

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Why you should Decorate Hallway Nooks and other Awkward Spaces

We all have them...those strange little corners and nooks in our homes that have so much potential, but we don't know quite what to do with them. Well, I've put together two ideas below. They're inspired by my colorful wall sculpture which I designed specifically for nooks and small spaces. As I've said before I believe that our homes should reflect our inner boldness. It should be a sanctuary where we can be our true selves.

That means that we can't ignore the nooks and awkward spaces. Just like we can't ignore our own awkward parts. We have to make them shine!

Room Design and Modern Wall Sculpture Ideas for Colorful and Elegant Hallway Nooks

The below two hallway nook sets can be mixed or matched.


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Thoughts behind this Colorful & Elegant Hallway Nook

For this nook set I started with one my largest modern wall sculptures. It's large organic shape and colorful yellow glaze make it stand-out so I picked out simple elegant pieces to go with it....this way this elegant hallway nook feels balanced.

I chose a simple brass style metal and glass long think table that can easily fit in most wide hallways and/or entryways. I would hang the yellow modern wall sculpture directly above the table in the center of the wall and place the glass trays on the table. The trays are great for holding mail if you use the table near an entryway. The basket to the right adds texture to the set and can also store children's or dog's toys so you don't trip over them in the hallway.

I then added this bold orange and white runner rug to balance the boldness of the modern wall sculpture with the simplicity of the table, tray and basket. It's bright organic orange bursts are a great compliment to the sculpture's organic feel and colors.

The second hallway nook set has a more organic earthly feel. I centered it around one of my boldest modern wall sculptures to date. This orange, white and red wall sculpture is long and brings a colorful statement to this elegant hallway nook. 


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Thoughts behind this Colorful & Elegant Hallway Nook

Like the nook above I balanced it with simple furniture and accents. The tall white organic sculpture vase for the table balances the length of the wall sculpture while the silver and glass picture frame balances the ensemble with its straight sleek edges.

The think long table below brings a rustic softness to the elegant hallway nook with its driftwood-like grey tones and glass legs. Finishing it off is simple textured dark orange (i.e. paprika) runner rug which nicely balances out the neutrals of the table and vase with the boldness of the modern wall sculpture.

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