Why our Biggest Challenges are Our Greatest Gift

One of mentors recently said that our biggest challenge growing up that we have been able to overcome is probably the important thing we have to give to others.

This really resonated with me....and here is my answer:

What I was Born to Do

For me, I grew up in a rather unstable family situation. We moved a lot even though we stayed in the same town and then when I was 16 years old the house I lived in with my mother burned down….and all the while I was expected to maintain a facade that everything was perfect. As a result, I never felt safe and I never felt like I was ‘allowed’ to have a connection to a home (because we would likely move or it could be gone in a split second).

I’ve struggled with this feeling throughout my 20s and 30s…and I think it’s part of the reason that I’ve lived in 4 countries and moved every three years for most of my adult life. But in the past 5 years I’ve taken a deep dive into tackling these issues and come out on the other side a much happier and secure person.…and I want to share this experience.

As a sculptor, painter, and home decor designer …. I regularly talk to women (and men) who don’t want to invest in the spaces where they live. It’s frustrating to me as a seller but it’s even more frustrating to me as a soul. Because what I’ve found is that people who feel disconnected from their homes feel disconnected from their lives and more importantly from themselves. And I think that I was born to help people bridge this gap.

So I need your help to figure out 'How' I can do this. Can you take the next five minutes and fill out this survey?

And then in the comments section tell me what you were born to do...

Thank you!

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