How to Create a Modern Coastal Bedroom with Calming Artwork

if you're looking for decorating ideas or a complete room design for your bedroom....and you want a bedroom with a calm coastal vibe....then this post is for you!

I personally love this vibe so I had a lot of fun putting this room together. 

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Calming Modern Coastal-inspired Bedroom

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Thoughts behind this Modern Coastal Bedroom with Calming Artwork

I started the design of this bedroom with this funky coastal abstract canvas artwork. I like it because it is not obviously coastal but rather a modern print with hints of a coastal vibe. I then paired it with a bed covered in grey fabric. Not only does it look super comfortable but it's neutral enough that you can really have fun with the other pieces of furniture in the room....and that's just what I did.

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Continuing the modern coastal bedroom vibe, I chose a super practical bedside tables with a modern design and wood that reminded me of driftwood. I then balanced its texture with smooth sleek white table lamps. 

To add a bit of fun to the room I included the ceramic wall sculpture that I photographed to produce the abstract canvas print 1) it matches perfectly; 2) it adds an organic vibe and 3) it brings additional refinement and uniqueness to the room. I picture it handing above the below chest of drawers.

To bring a bit of lightness and texture to the room I chose a white duvet and pillow case set and this soft texture 'snow white' rug that will feel great on your feet first thing in the morning.

To continue the driftwood theme, I chose a chest of drawers with a reclaimed feel. To bring some modern style into the room I chose a tall square sleek self standing mirror.

To accent the blues in the abstract canvas print and ceramic wall sculpture, I choose 'mineral colored' curtains that (at least in the picture) match the blues in the artwork. Then to ensure that the modern style is continued in this modern coastal bedroom, I chose a sleek dark curtain rod.

More Room Design and Coastal Artwork Ideas

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