How to Create a Glamorous Home Office with Feminine Artwork

Who doesn't want to feel glamorous when you're working? I do! I remember when I was in my early twenties living in London and New York and I loved the feeling of going to work and feeling like I was working on something bigger than myself. 

In New York I worked at Conde Nast (home of Vogue) and used to meet all kinds of crazy glamorous and interesting people ...well, more often it was people who knew people...but you get the picture. It was more than a little glitzy.

Almost twenty years later I don't crave the endless hours, the fake smiles, or the trying to be someone that I'm not...but what I do miss is the glam. The stylish office chairs, the view, and the refinement....and I don't see any reason why me or any other of the awesome lady bosses that I know should have a home office that reflects anything less than their inner awesomeness. 

So this post is for you lady bosses that like a little shimmer...a little glam...and a whole lot of feminine celebration. Remember, if you want this office for yourself, all you have to do is click one each image...everything is available for purchase.


Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Glamorous Feminine Modern Home Office


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Thoughts about this Glamorous Home Office with Feminine Artwork

I started with some of my most feminine abstract canvas artwork....I think that the organic circles and pastel colors really bring a softness to the room. To find the right size artwork for your home office download one of my art size eguides.

I then chose a modern clear lamp with soft edges to continue the soft organic feel theme.

Next, I chose my most favorite piece from this modern home office ensemble....a mirrored and metal desk. For me this desk epitomizes glamor. It's simple elegant top just begs for a powerful lady boss to build her empire from it...with her pink mac:) I then chose this super fun and funky white fluffy swivel chair and a gold pencil and other work accessories holder.

I chose a gold and glass shelf and then chose one of my favorite of my medium sculptures as an organic accent to put on the shelf for effect.....because in my opinion you have to surround yourself with things that inspire...and what better way to inspire your business then to place artwork that you love in your office (especially in your line of vision). 

Because light is so important in a work setting I chose an funky metal floor lamp to allow for backlighting while you work.

Lastly, I chose this comfortable pink chair for guests and colleagues to sit on (or in my case a great place to store your coat). I then rounded out the room with practical white shades and a beautiful jute rug with little round bumps that wonderfully compliment the round edges and feminine flare of the room.

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