How to Create a Modern Living Room with Fabulous Artwork

If you're a busy person who loves style but doesn't have a million hours to donate to pouring through magazines and blogs...but you love bold color and design then this post is for you! 

I've paired one of my favorite bold abstract canvas prints with colorful stylish furniture to create a fabulous bold modern living room ensemble that would bring your space alive.

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Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Fabulous Bold Modern Living Room


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Thoughts behind this Modern Living Room with Fabulous Artwork

The first piece that I picked for this room is this bold gold and brown abstract canvas print. I then paired it with a crisp modern blue lamp and more importantly with a large blue sofa (below) to balance its neutral yet bold tones with a colorful burst.

To determine what size print would look best in your bold modern living room, download my eguide - How to Chose the Best Art Sizes for your Space from my freebies page.

To balance the blues in this stylish sofa and table lamp, I have added pops of orange. The first being this cute throw to keep you warm on winter evenings. Then to balance the browns in the abstract canvas print, I've included dark brown wooden side tables.

The second pop of color is this awesome leather 'puff' ottoman that can be moved around the room depending on where you want to sit and lounge...or you could buy multiple puffs and then everyone could all lounge together...To bring in some soft neutral tones, I chose this stylish cream barrel chair. You could buy one or two depending on the size of your living room.

Lastly, I chose this large dark brown coffee table that matches the side tables exactly.  I believe that all coffee tables need accent pieces and books to look cozy and I chose a set of my own dark gold contemporary ceramic sculptures to dress it up. For books I recommend, visiting Amazon and pick out coffee table books that really reflect your personality. I personally use my old art history text books...they're beautiful and they have sentimental value. 

To round out the room I chose a beige jute rug to give the floor texture. I also love them because they massage your feet every time you walk on them barefoot.

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