How to Create a Textured Modern Living Room with Bright Artwork

Do you want to walk into your living room and be totally inspired? I know I do! That's why I designed the below room. This room is for you busy women and men who don't want to come home to a boring neutral home but instead want a funky, colorful, bright and bold living room that reflects how bright, bold, and funky you are! 

I love this's one of my favorites so far. Enjoy!

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Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Bright Bold & Textured Modern Living Room


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Thoughts about this Textured Modern Living Room with Bright Artwork

So I'll lay all out there. I designed this modern living room as a dare to myself. I wasn't sure that I could design a living room around my boldest abstract canvas artwork to date. The below bright red and pink print is quite a statement piece....I thought it would completely overpower a room.....but I surprised myself. It didn't. Instead it just made the room look awesome!

The magic began when I paired it with this super funky white table lamp.....once I saw this lamp. I was on! I'm just going to go with 'funky.'

If your living room space allows I recommend hanging this red and pink abstract canvas print above your sofa. It is also available as a rectangle. To find the right size for your space, download my one of my free eguides.

To balance the red and pink abstract canvas print, I chose a dark contemporary sofa with a mid-century feel. I then went further with the contemporary feel of the space by choosing an industrial inspired concrete side table...and then I found this awesomely designed contemporary white and wooden chair that added a little extra zing to the room without being overstated.

The next two items really bring the room up a notch. The red and white pillow balances the red in the abstract canvas print by bringing a splash of red somewhere else in the room while the cow skin ottoman compliments the funky white and wood chair.

Lastly I added some big neutral items to this modern living room to provide some balance to the color and the funkiness. The white blackout curtains will allow you to watch TV in complete darkness (and makes you feel like you're in a movie's fabulous!), while the beige jute rug will massage your feet each time you step on it.

Love this Room but you Want it to Reflect your Personal Energy?

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