How to Create a Mid-Century Living Room with Stunning Artwork

If you're a fan of rustic tones like rust red, light brown complimented by crisp whites ....And you're looking for practical inspiration for your next living room...then this post is for you! 

Over the last 5 years I've been won over by the simple elegance of the mid-century style, but I like to pair it with more modern touches and some cozy little accents to make it feel like home.

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Thoughts Behind the Furniture and Artwork in this Stunning Rustic-inspired Mid-Century Living Room


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Thoughts about this Mid-Century Living Room with Stunning Artwork

The Artwork - I started with some of my own modern rustic inspired abstract canvas artwork. I picture it in a large size taking up most of the space above the sofa...really added great texture and color to the room.  To bring out the print's white tones and texture I paired it with this funky little textured white lamp...which would look great on either side of the sofa. To figure out which sized abstract canvas print will look best in your living room, download my eguide - How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space from my freebies page.

The Sofa - As the main piece of furniture for this stunning modern and mid-century living room I chose this sleep brown sofa with light wooden legs.

The Side Table - I then paired it with this fabulous round side table whose round shape and funky entwined circles at the base give the room a soft friendly feel.

The Ottoman - I then added in a white fluffy ottoman for comfort and softness. I would buy several of them and have them around for lounging from anywhere in the room!

The Accent Chair - To accent the wonderful rust red in the abstract canvas artwork I chose this red mid-century chair.

Modern Wall Sculpture - Then I realized that the room still needed another splash of color so I chose one of my small modern wall sculptures. The orange-yellow color for of the piece really compliments the room's colors. If your space layout allows it I would place it above the red chair.

The Rug - Lastly, I chose a beige jute rug (my favorite kind of rug) to bring out texture in the room and to give your bare feet a little massage any time you get up from the sofa.

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